The Untouchables


In the past two weeks the New York Post has published a series of articles highlighting the misdeeds of New York City Department of Education principals. It seems these principals have watched one to many episodes of the Sopranos or maybe they spent a Saturday night watching the Godfather trilogy. Either way the corruption within the Department of Education is running rampant and no one wants to stop it.

For example, Grade fixing at John Dewey high school is not an isolated incident. At Manhattan Center the grade recovery program was a joke. Students were required to write a one page essay for a gym credit. Many of the online courses were led by trusted cronies of principal David Jimenez. These cronies basically gave students the correct answers. Credit Recovery was a guaranteed passing grade and credits for any student in the program. The primary goal was to inflate the graduation rate. This is fairly similar to the accusations made at John Dewey High School. Look at it this way the Credit Recovery program is like points shaving. This way the odds are always in the house’s favor.

Any teacher who refused to go along with the game plan of Manhattan Center Principal David Jimenez was automatically targeted for retaliation. The incidents of retaliation at PS 106 are happening all over in every school. Teachers who are popular with the students, Teachers who speak out against corruption and those who are strong union advocates are targeted. For example, in one of my ATR assignment I met a teacher who was extremely popular with the students and colleagues. One day they asked me to look at a write they had received. The wording of the write up was extremely familiar and I warned the teacher that they had been targeted. Before I left the teacher had received frivolous write up. Once these write ups start it is like the Kiss of Death (you broke my heart Fredo).

Marcella Sills former principal of PS 106 is the Tony Soprano of the Department of Education. This woman doesn’t show up for work and gets paid and then she gets in trouble and still gets paid.

My all time favor is Charlette Pope of Banana Kelly high school. Now she couldn’t silent her critics like the Godfather or Tony Soprano. So she decided to use another tactics that would have definitely got her in good with the Sopranos she used public money to scrub her online reputation. 

The reality is the New York Post articles  read like a bad gangster novel with one exception. Nobody in the New York City Department of Education seems to get caught.

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