Problem Coded

2015-03-14 10.39.03So it seems the New York City Department of Education new way of blacklisting teachers. It’s called “Problem Coding.” I’ve have contacted both Department of Education and the United Federation of Teachers for an explanation and I have been met with utter silence. So I’ve decided to look at my history and figure out why I’ve been problem coded.

I’ve been rated satisfactory for my two years as an ATR. This is definitely a problem because it proves the administrators at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school lied about my teaching abilities.

I write a blog. Big Problem I use my first amendment right to uncover corruption within the New York City of Department of Education, but especially at Manhattan Center.

I am opinionated. Big problem I speak my mind if something is wrong. A no-no in the robotic Era of the DOE.

I associate with other teachers who have been targeted. Big Problem. I joined solidarity caucus because The Unity Caucus stranglehold over the UFT must end. Since the end of Weingarten’s term as UFT President, teachers have become targets for vindictive administrators and this must end.

I refuse to be bullied. Big Problem. The administrators at Manhattan Center till this day try to intimidate me. Principal Jimenez for example will see me in the Love Cafe and constantly eye ball me. Throughout the 2010-2013 school years Principal Jimenez and Assistant Principal Dan Albetta who try to physical bully me. This behavior is not unusual for them considering that in the Mike Thomas situation it was four on one. (

I am not the only teacher who has been problem coded and I can’t speak on their behalf, but I am more than sure that the majority of them have been targeted by vindictive administrators and share a similar story.


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