Aim: How to weed out corruption?


I would like to start off by congratulating Francesco Portleos ( for a job well done . Mr. Portleos non-stop fight against corruption has finally yield some fruit against  his former principal Linda Hill. Ms. Hill is  being investigated for misappropriation of funds. Oddly enough, the roots of this tree runs deep. The reality is Linda Hill is only one of many principals who have been either accused or caught misappropriating funds.

For example, Manhattan Center principal David Jimenez had used the Procurement card (P-card) for a trip to Singapore and Thailand (still trying to figure out why Thailand?) Meanwhile a  2012-2013 fiscal audit of Manhattan Center show the misappropriation of approximately  $160,000 in student and general funds. Jimenez’s right hand man and enforcer Daniel Albetta has earned $180,000 in per-session in six years including approximately  $22,000 in the 2013-2014 school year. Jimenez, Hill and Albetta are not the only administrators caught in this tangled Web from 2010-2013 principal Ariselya Urena used the P-card to purchase I-pods, I pads and mini computers which she raffled away to students. Urena also collected $11,000 in per-session in 2013.

The behavior of these four administrators and their ability to circumvent the standard operating procedures of the Department of Education make me wonder how deep is the corruption within the Department of Education and who is protecting these individuals?

It seems this type of corruption is a pattern add to it the harassment of teachers and it  has created a difficult work environment for all.

As one principal recently told me “I was a teacher who was targeted by a principal because I was out spoken. That why I became a principal.”

It is time for the wave of corruption, workplace harassment and lies to come to an end

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