The Invisible Men

2015-02-26 09.34.26

It seems like Manhattan Center’s Principal David Jimenez and Assistant Principal Daniel Albetta have become the Invisible Men. Now I’m only speculating, but a number of things might be going on.

1) The collapse of the networks means that the two might have to actually prove their worth and both are taking online courses in education.

2) The information about them on this blog has made them leery of their surrounding so they have stopped talking with staff members.

3) Both are working on their blog about me and the nasty homophobic comments they place on my blog.

4) Sleeping, it must be tough to give Depositions all week long.

5) Both are looking for new jobs one as a principal and the other superintendent.

6) Both are plotting the destruction of the other. (I wonder who Winchester is siding with.)

7) Jimenez is trying to figure out why Bradley got the Principal’s job at Renaissance and not Albetta.

8) Albetta is working with Rosetta Stone to improve his grasp of the English Language.

9) Jimenez is writing a book entitled. It Wasn’t Me. I’m the victim! My time as a New York City Public School Principal.

10) Albetta is writing a book called They call me Fredo.

11) Albetta is counting the ways to spend the approximately $22,000 in per-session he made for 2014. (No Per-session for the staff, but plenty for Albetta)

3 thoughts on “The Invisible Men

  1. That is a classic title for a book about David and the picture is hilarious. I also enjoy seeing how much Albetta makes in per-session rumor is he burned the AD job for 150 hours before giving it up. Can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow with this post.

  2. Albetta and Hernandez are busy trying to learn that:
    1) the contraction of the words you and are is “you’re,” and not “your.”
    2) a synonym for the word “surely” is spelled “definitely,” and not “definately.”

    Perhaps one day they will also master the proper placement of the comma…..

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