Another Satisfactory Observation

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So after being observed on Monday I have received my third satisfactory rating this school year. Let’s recap for the first nine years of my teaching career I was rated satisfactory every year.

Then in 2008, I met Daniel Albetta a failed administrator at Automotive high school. It seemed Mr. Albetta had rubbed his former principal the wrong way and they immediately excessed him from his position and forced him to take a gym teacher’s position at Manhattan Center.

During his first year at Manhattan Center Mr.Albetta spent so much time in principal David Jimenez’s office his nickname amongst the staff was Knee pads. His trips to the principal’s office worked as he was given the Athletics Director job. (which is approximately 160 per session hours.) The Felicia Bray incident basically sealed Albetta’s rise to power.

In 2009, Albetta became a dean with me at Manhattan Center. The best way to describe Albetta’s work habits would be to look up the word lazy in the dictionary and you would find his picture. In April of 2010 Albetta became AP of Security after a suspicious fire in the 1st floor boy’s bathroom. According to Albetta who was the first to respond, “it was a raging inferno.” According to the Fire Department it was a small trash can fire. Principal David Jimenez praised Albetta for his heroic actions.

In September of 2010 Albetta was appointed AP of Social Studies. On the first day of school Albetta remove a student teacher that was assigned to me by Columbia University because according to him my classroom was not conducive to learning even though he never observed me.

In October of 2010, Albetta did his first gotcha observation of me. The lesson was on current events and the Aim was What’s on your mind Friday? The assignment was for the students to bring in articles of current events and we would discuss them. I had never did a current events lesson this way. It was 1st period and the lesson didn’t work as I planned. It was a poor lesson (I actually admitted this in my 3020a hearing), but as I was going through it with the students I was making notes to improve it for the next 4 periods.The next day I was bombarded with a four page cut and paste U observation report. Now realize this was an informal observation Albetta never had a pre-observation conference with me as per the UFT contract. In our post observation conference Albetta noted that “Current Events are not part of the curriculum.” At one point in the post observation I asked Albetta “what he meant by the extrapoliation of facts.” He looked a me with a straight face and said “how should I know.” My response was “you wrote it in the observation.”

On my next observation Principal David Jimenez rated my lesson satisfactory. Oddly enough as my relationship with Albetta crumpled, Jimenez (who doesn’t understand the meaning of differentiated instruction.) and Brian Bradley (who did do a U-rated demo lesson for me.) Continuously gave me U rating on lessons that other teachers had used and recieved satisfactory ratings on. I believe this was done to protect Albetta and his constant harassment of me.(Which by the way continues in his harassing homophobic and threatening comments on this blog.)

By 2012, I had received a number of U-ratings from Albetta. When I asked Albetta to do a Demo lesson he refused stating, “that will never happen.” Now realize this is an instructional leader who is supposed to be a better teacher then the rest of us. (Yeah, Right Even Albetta’s right hand man Dennis Hernandez admitted that Albetta never wants to return to the classroom.)

In September of 2013, I was put in the ATR pool. at my first assignment I had asked the social studies AP to observe me. In am informal observation he noted that my lesson planning was strong and my classroom management skillls and my rapport with the students was great. This AP provided me with a lesson plan outline that the DOE expected to be used with common core.

In October of 2013, I was observed at was Norman Thomas. I taught American history to a group of kids I never met in front of two ATR supervisors four teacher’s and an administrator from Norman Thomas. After I was done all the ATR administrators rated my.lesson satisfactory. My next observation was in April of 2014 Once again I recieved a satisfactory rating. In October of 2014, I was observed again once again another Satisfactory Rating.  In February of 2015, I was praised by an AP from Murry Bergtraum for my work with their kids. My latest observation was on February 9, 2015 an I recieved another Satisfactory Rating.

So my question is for nine years I was rated satisfactory as a teacher then suddenly from 2010 to 2013 I was constantly U-rated by Daniel Albetta now I’m a satisfactory teacher again. So using deduction what changed in those three  years.



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