Good teachers in the ATR Pool need not apply. The Sequel


Today I received the following email from an assistant principal at Murry Bergtraum. I will not show their name nor the names of the people it was CC to. This is to protect them from those up above them. (I can hear the upper echelon at Tweed right now. How dare these people compliment an ATR on their work.)

Silvers Jr John E (04M435)
Friday, January 30, 2015 

Good Morning, Mr. Silvers,

I just want to thank you so much for coming to Bergtraum for the last marking period of Term 1 this school year.  You provided stability and instruction to our students, both of which are necessary for their success.  You jumped right in as needed and never hesitated to assist.  I am truly grateful to you for your service to our department, our school, and most importantly, our students.  Thank you so much for all that you have done and I wish you all the best and much success in your next steps!  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to let me know.  Thank you.

Best Regards,
Murry Bergtraum High School
411 Pearl Street
Manhattan, NY 10038

Now for those of you who missed the first part of this post I have placed the link below. I have also place the link discussing my last observation.

(If you are new to this blog here is a brief overview of how I became an ATR. Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School principal David Jimenez and Assistant Principal Dan Albetta trumped up incompetent charges against. Leading to a 3020a hearing. So My question is a simple one, who is lying about my teaching ability now? In my 3020a decision Arbitator Lisa Brogan noted that Jimenez lacked credibility. She also noted that the Jimenez and Albetta never denied my regents passing rates, which were 98% passing rate on the American History Regents and 95% on the Global History Regents.

Also realize that the majority of Albetta’s observations of my teaching were informal observations. Simply meaning I never had a pre-observations conference with him as per the UFT contract. Albetta also never gave me an exact time that he was coming in to observe me. After U Rating me Albetta also refused to do a Demo Lesson. Now realize this is the instructional leader of the Social Studies Department. This means his pedagogy and his subject content knowledge should be better then all the other teachers in the department.)

I’d like to say that  creating trumped up charges like Jimenez did and the refusal to do a demo lesson like Albetta, is the exception, but in reality its the rule especially amongst ATR Supervisors. Many good ATRs are being U-rated by supervisors on a daily basis. Many of these ATRs are forced to do gotcha lessons with supervisors who appear mysterious out of the blue. These supervisors will often have teachers teaching out of license. Often ATRs are forced to teach students they never taught before. ATRs have no idea what these students have learned prior. ATRs have no idea which students have IEPs. This knowledge would allow the ATR to modify their lessons to assure that all students understand the material. The reality is the deck is stacked against the ATR and the DOE hopes that this will lead to u-ratings and the forcing out of ATRs.

While this email fed into my Ego (and it’s a big ego) For the NYC Department of Education it is double edged sword. Its shows that there are good teachers in the ATR pool and that we are being under utilized. It also shows that principals like David Jimenez and Dan Albetta knowingly lie about teacher’s performances in the classroom. Especially if the teacher is active in school politics.

This email is should be a wake up call for the UFT.

Simply stated I am one teacher that had the experience and abilities to teach in this situation and there are 1800 more where I came from!!!!


3 thoughts on “Good teachers in the ATR Pool need not apply. The Sequel

  1. Recently a few former students came in to school looking for you. All of them said you were one of the best teachers in Manhattan Center.

    • That’s a bold statement with colleagues like Desutch, McCue, Stanfield, Cohen, W.Rivera, Hirschberg, Moshe, Chu, Frazier. Frankel, Baretto, Muskat, Stevens, Zimmerman, Winston, Sell, Thomas. The truth is Manhattan Center was once the Dynasty when it came to teachers.

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