At MCSM it is Situation Normal All F@#!ed Up


The acronym SNAFU is actually a World War II phrase describing Army procedures. Situation Normal All F@$!ed Up, but today, it’s describing the Earth Science Regents that was given at Manhattan Center.

In September of 2014, Manhattan Center had lost two lab specialists. One lab specialist retired. The other  was forced out by Principal Jimenez. The primary job description of a lab specialist is to make sure that science lab work is properly set up for student’s use.

Unfortunately, Manhattan Center’s lack of a lab specialist is the reason why four (4) students were denied access to the Earth Science Regents. Its seems that only teacher at Manhattan Center who is teaching Earth Science is also the Assistant Principal of Science.

Ms. DelaRosa was given the Assistant Principal job by David Jimenez after he forced out another Assistant Principal of Science who was fairly well liked by members of the Science Department. This AP’s removal was unwarranted.

It seems that Ms. Delarosa did not provide these students with the proper lab work they needed for the Earth Science Regents. In DOE terms that means that these four students were not entitled to take the Regents because the did not have the required work needed for the Regents.

As an Earth Science teacher it is your primary responsibility and part of the state science curriculum to teach these labs. I’m more than positive that Ms DelRosa would have U-rated and gave a letter to file to any teachers who missed teaching these labs and denied these kids access to the New York State Earth Science Regent. So my question is simple is there going to U-rating in Ms.DelaRosa’s future or will Jimenez make up an excuse? Or will he fail to address it? (My money on failing to address it. Until he reads this then my money is on the excuse.)

Now if I’m the parent of one of these four students I am screaming for somebody head at this point. Tomorrow morning I would be in Jimenez’s office telling him, “You are supposedly an A rated school according to the surveys, yet you can’t prepare my child for the Regents. Why?”

The truth is Jimenez goes after his most qualified teachers and places those who are willing to do his bidding at the upper echelon position. Well, it looks like this may come back to bite him, but at Manhattan Center this is just another SNAFU.

(Here is a little help for the June Regents


3 thoughts on “At MCSM it is Situation Normal All F@#!ed Up

  1. DeLaRosa is a bunghole.

    Jimenez is a Douche.

    Anyone who is left at MCSM is either brave or masochistic or both.

    It must be tough for the stalwarts who care about education, to deal, on a daily basis with this barely educated thug who cares not a whit for the students. What an insult that the #2 man is barely literate himself, and yet he oversees several teachers.

    Yikes. What a disaster. Don’t the children and their families deserve better ?

  2. Brilliant post and yes you’re absolutely right about a teacher being written up if they did it. Jimenez and Albetta thought they were Rockford and Kojak trying to figure out where you got the information.

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