Combat Pay The Sequel

2015-01-25 14.21.47

I wonder why principals feel it is necessary to endanger the lives of teachers, students and support staff. The New York City Department of Education protocol is that all NYC schools practice soft lock down drills, hard lock down drills and evacuation drills for incidents like the one in the article above.

On April 17. 2012 Manhattan Center principal David Jimenez  sent an email to staff members discussing a number of security breaches that had occurred prior to the email and justifying his reason for closing a staff entrance. (See linked below)

In April of 2014 another security breach at Manhattan Center lead to the attack of a teacher.

Oddly enough, Jimenez’s favorite phrase in both my 3020a and the Mike Thomas case was that his behavior in confronting us was because of the incident at Sandy Hook. (

Now realize this is the same individual who I filed a police complaint against because of his remarks in front of another staff member about owning a 9mm hand gun and the right to the second amendment.

I wish I could say that Manhattan Center was the only school with security breaches that endanger the lives of students, support staff and teachers. In December at City as a school a teachers was attack with a stun gun by a disgruntled students who didn’t like their grade.

The truth is principals are more concerned with keeping their safety numbers low instead of having a safe school

I was grateful to see that this student was arrested.


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