Three Hundred Million Dollar Cash Cow


It seems that the New York City school’s chancellor Carmen Farina has finally figured it out, THE NETWORKS ARE A CASH COW. A study by Brown University stated that the support networks HAD NO IMPACT ON STUDENT PERFORMANCE. I beg to differ because of these networks a number of good teachers have retired, move on to different professional or have been subjected to 3020a hearings and placed in the ATR pool. The loss of these good teachers is the reason why the networks made no impact.
Consider this the Networks were the most corrupt system since the Tweed ring. (Go Figure)

These networks protected incompetent principals.(In my case it was David Jimenez.)

(See for the rest)

The Networks allowed principals to go after teachers on trumped up charges. Basically destroying the teacher’s reputation. Teachers had no where to turn to especially since the superintendents lacked the power to remove a principals like David Jimenez. (Rumor has it that Jimenez has been kissing up to the new district 4 superintendent now that his network protection is gone.) Unfortunately, the networks offered teachers little support against vindictive principals.(Would you destroy the goose that laid the golden egg?).

Oddly enough, the Department of Education did not need Brown University to tell them that the networks were a waste of money. All the needed to do was listen to the 70,000 teachers that are employed by the DOE. 

The reality is that the United Federation of Teachers should demand that the Department of Education review all disciplinary hearings conducted under the networks.

One thought on “Three Hundred Million Dollar Cash Cow

  1. One step forward and two steps back.

    I’m glad they’re abolishing most of the networks. I’m also disgusted by the things that Cuomo and Tush are considering. We need to fight back–no junk science to determine teachers’ effectiveness, for starters.

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