Cellphone Ban

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New York Mayor Bill DiBlasio and School’s Chancellor Carmen Farina recently lifted the Cellphone ban in public schools. The ban was imposed by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2006.

The New York Media outlets made a big deal about the lifting of the Cellphone ban with coverage in all local newspapers and on all local television stations. (I’m wondering why the harassment of teachers doesnt get the same coverage.) The truth is there was never a cellphone ban in effect. The policy in many New York City schools was simply “Don’t See, Don’t Care.” (This is the same policy the DOE has adopted when it comes to the harassment of teachers.)

On any given day in any school, yes, even though with metal detectors, you were more than likely to see a cellphone as students walked the halls. During my last year at Manhattan Center the AP of Security Dan Albetta had a hands off approach to the cellphone ban for students. (This is nothing out of the norm for Dan Albetta who was extremely lazy as a dean when I worked with him.)

This was unlike David Jimenez who had a no cellphone policy for teachers and once snatched a cellphone from a female teacher’s hand during a staff meeting in front of 70 plus staff members. (I’m assuming this has something to do with Jimenez’s issue with women. Oh yeah and people who are taller then him. Oh yeah and smarter and the list goes on.)

The cellphone was also the center of controversy in the Mike Thomas incident. (http://www.mcsmledger.blogspot.com) A number of students had captured the incident on cellphone video. Jimenez and his bullies rounded up any students who took video. Then Jimenez and members of his administration harassed and threatened students with suspension until they erased their video evidence. (Whats wrong David you didn’t want people to see what a terrible actor you are.) Here is the odd part to this story. The Michael Thomas incident occurred on a city street. The Cellphone ban was only for city school buildings. So that means

1) Jimenez violated the student’s right to self expression and privacy. Considering that a cellphone is privately owned by the individual and that since the incident occurred on the street Jimenez had no legal right to ask those students to erase anything

2) Jimenez destroyed evidence that could have supported his story or proved that he was lying. (A fact already supported by the Arbitrator in my 3020a hearing)

3) Jimenez truly thinks that he is the second coming of Trujillo and thinks that this is the Dominican Republic circa 1950.

4) Or maybe cellphone video might show that Jimenez attacked an innocent man and violated his first amendment rights while on city time. This also then means that he left the school unsupervised thereby being insubordination of his duties as principal.

In May of 2012, the cellphone again caused controversy at Manhattan Center after Assistant Principal of Security, Gym, English and Social Studies Daniel Albetta (judging from all his titles he must be a rocket scientist) verbally harassed a gym teacher in front of students. (http://www.decruztruth.wordpress.com) two days later, a student lead protest voiced support for the gym teacher. Principal Jimenez and the Secret police of Manhattan Center decided to physical quell the protest. Students immediately began using cellphones to tape the incident. After the protest had calm dowm the Gestapo immediately began rounding up students who had taped the incident. These students were once again threaten with suspension. One female student was held for four hours against her will by four male members of the administration until she gave up her password to her Facebook account.

Now realize Jimenez is the same fool who three months ago began taking pictures of me at the Love Cafe and cried like a baby when I confronted him. He had ran out of the Love Cafe only to return an hour later with Deputy dog Dan Albetta and view the video tape from the Love Cafe security camera, it seems that numb nuts left his flash on and couldn’t explain why there was a flash coming from his phone prior to me confronting him.

Once again Jimenez likes to Bully people with his power, but is a heartless, brainless coward when he doesn’t have control. This is when he becomes the professional victim. As for the lifting of the cellphone ban all I can say is smile you’re on candid camera.


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