Ebenzer Jimenez

Ebenezer Scrooge (JIM CARREY)

Bradley was gone: to begin with. There was no doubt whatever about that. The register of his departure was signed by the chancellor, the superintendent and the Chief mourner David Jimenez. As Jimenez mourned the departure of this trusty associate he pondered, who would take his place. Outside his office window the cold December wind and snow made it feel like Christmas, but to Jimenez the frigid winds were always a reminder of how he felt inside. As he walked to his car a nasty leer came across his face when a staff member said “Merry Christmas, Mr. Jimenez and god save you.”  Jimenez immediately replied Bah Humbug and began to ramble. “How can it be a Merry Christmas when I have lost my most trusted mouthpiece?” “How can it be a Merry Christmas when my name is smeared across a blog that list the most abusive principals in the city (http://www.DTOE.ORG/ANOI).Bah Humbug?” The staff member was immediately taken back by Jimenez’s reaction and walked away thinking, “my god what a pathetic little man.” Jimenez started his car and turned on the radio to the station he always listened to. Unfortunately, for Jimenez his favorite station was playing a reading of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Jimenez immediately switched the channel only to find that the next station was playing the same. He frantically switched channels only to find that every station was playing Dickens’ tale of Christmas. Slamming the off button Jimenez exclaimed, “Bah Humbug” and drove out of the parking lot heading for home.

After a huge meal Jimenez drifted off to sleep when he awoke it was so dark that he could barely see the window of his chamber. As he sat there his cellphone began to ring. The room was so dark that Jimenez could not find it after twelve annoying rings the phone suddenly stopped. He pondered, could it be Bradley calling to telling him that he wanted to return. Suddenly, out of the darkness appeared an apparition. The apparition wore sweatpants and Yankees jersey. “Silvers!”  Jimenez cried.  As he attempted to leave the room, but couldn’t. “Don’t talk to me!” Jimenez screamed, but no one was around to hear him. Suddenly, Jimenez turned and said, “why are you troubling me.” The ghost of Silvers replied, “I wear the chain.” “Oh the hell with the Dickens story”, Silvers replied, “the truth is simple you screwed a lot of good people with your evil ways (Sorry Santana) and before the clock strike twelve you will be visited by three apparitions who will attempt to change you.” Jimenez cowering in the corner stated my room has cameras and you are being taped. Silvers looked at him and said “I am a ghost you schmuck my image will not show up on tape.”




As the clock struck twelve the first of the apparitions appeared to Jimenez it was a strange figured, but Jimenez had seen him before. Suddenly, the figure began to change shape and a new figure appeared. Jimenez recognized the new figure had taken a female shape. Almost immediately Jimenez began to pant and exclaimed, “Hubba Hubba!” Suddenly, the figure let out a huge scream and said “Ebenezer Jimenez if this behavior continues I will banish you to the ATR pool forever.” Jimenez suddenly stopped. The ghost then replied, “Ebenezer these are your past transgressions against women.”






As Jimenez watched his transgressions he began to pant louder, the ghost immediately summoned a bolt of lightning striking him in his balding head. The ghost stated, “I’m sure that lightning strike felt just like the punch one of your cronies received when he was attacked due to your willful disregard for regulations.” As the ghost left she reminded Jimenez to prepare for the second visit. As the female apparition floated away Jimenez could be heard exclaiming,”Hubba Hubba.”

As Jimenez slowly drifted off he suddenly heard a huge protest. Looking around his room he saw another figure appear out of the darkness. This tall figure carried a number of chains with him. The figure explained that the chains were the wrongs Jimenez had committed against both students and teachers. These wrongs forced this ghost to walk with these chains for eternity.












After seeing all the wrongs that he had committed Jimenez looked at the ghost and asked, “is there any way to get the female ghost back he at least her transgressions were more fun.” The ghost suddenly angered looked at Jimenez and stated, “this is a joke to you.” “Well look at the name tag on my tattered tweed jacket and take a look at the goofy hat on my head.” Looking closely at the name tag Jimenez could see the name, Jose David Jimenez. Suddenly, he looked up at the ghost and stated, “You must be looking for another Jose David Jimenez because you are too tall to be me.” The ghost looked at him and said, “If I was to appear in front of you at your size, you wouldn’t be able to see me because I would be buried under these chains.” The ghost suddenly floated away and Jimenez screamed, “I’m calling my friends at OSI.” The Ghost replied, “be prepared for the next visit.”

Once again Jimenez tried to fall back asleep. Suddenly, he heard a commotion in the hall Jimenez had heard this voice a thousand times before. It was the voice of Denise (the Grinch) Winchester yelling at a teacher in the hallway. Jimenez immediately sprang to his feet and thought this must have been a bad dream and I shouldn’t fall asleep at work. As Jimenez started to walk to the yelling he was stopped by a cold grasp of a darken figure. The figure stated I am the ghost of Christmas Yet to come.  Jimenez replied, “please let me stop Denise before she does something she is going to regret.” The ghost held Jimenez shoulder tightly and said, “watch.” Winchester’s yelling became louder as the staff member cowered. A sneaky smile came across Jimenez’s face as Winchester seemed to gain the upper hand. Suddenly, a number of staff members appeared with cellphone cameras in their hands taking video. Jimenez screamed “I don’t allow phones in my meeting.” The ghost reminded him that this is not a meeting and you can’t snatch the phones out of their hands.  Just then the Burgermiester Albetta popped out his office followed closely by his trusted Oompa Loompa Hernandez. The Burgermiester screamed,  ”All of you go back to your classroom. I have called OSI and SCI on Denise and I have the video tape to prove her harassment of the staff.” Albetta then turned to Oompa Loompa Hernandez and said “this will be the end of Jimenez as principal here and I will soon take over and things will be different.” Jimenez looked stunned at the Burgemiester’s announcement until the ghost reminded him how Albetta came to power. Suddenly, Oompa Loompa Hernandez caroled, “that means I finally become an assistant principal.” Jimenez looked at the ghost stunned. The ghost chuckled and said you promised him an AP position for years and never gave it to him. Jimenez now baffled at the betrayal looked at the ghost and for the first time in his life Jimenez was speechless. The ghost took Jimenez by his hand and showed him his future with the DOE thanks to his trusty associates. Bradley would go on to flourish as a principal once free of Jimenez’s grasp. The Burgermiester would fail miserable as a principal and would be demoted. Winchester would return to the classroom and constantly falsely be U rated and written up by her principal. As for Jimenez he would be banished to the principal’s ATR Pool forever.

As the ghost of slowly fade in to oblivion, Jimenez heard the joyous voice of the teachers in the hallway as they prepared for the break away from Ebenezer Jimenez. As he walked out of his office and into the hall these voice quickly faded. Look at the group of petrified teachers Jimenez thought of the words of the ghosts that had visited him and he wondered if they had told him the truth. He wondered if he could change, but as he noticed the look of fear on the faces of the teachers he realized that he had sealed fate long ago.


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