Jimenez Speaks again


I recently re-read the deposition of David Jimenez in the Felicia Bray Case from November 2012. Mr. Jimenez was questioned about Ms.Bray’s performance during the 2008-2009 school year.

These are Jimenez’s exact words about Ms.Bray’s job performance as of September 3, 2009

“Ms. Bray was cited for several things one of them was not providing me with a balance sheet and accurate balances of student accounts, for failure  to meet student health compliance and failure to secure student funds.”

Now here is where this gets interesting. Ms Bray was relieved of her job as Assistant Principal of Operation in December 2009. Meanwhile, in the 2012-2013 audit of Manhattan Center the securing of student funds seems to be an issue once again. This time the administration at Manhattan Center allegedly could not account for a little more then $8 500. So the question is now why wasn’t the current APO Denise Winchester written up and removed like Ms.Bray?




There is only one constant in both these situations that constant is David Jimenez.

As far as Jimenez is concerned everyone is incompetent and insubordinate. The truth is David look in the mirror.

One thought on “Jimenez Speaks again

  1. His strategy, from the get-go is, look for dirt on people (or fabricate negative acts) and use it as leverage against them. Hire and promote only those who are loyal to him, regardless of their qualifications. Smear or get rid of anyone who says anything negative about him, regardless of their importance to the students.

    He’s still in power, so, in a sense, it’s worked. But the school doesn’t resemble the happy and nurturing place that it used to be.

    Does anyone care?

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