Hey where did all the administrators go?


I like to thank the AP who invited me this morning to this year’s Manhattan Center Christmas party.(Hint David, it happened around the Love Cafe.)

The party which was held at Manny’s on second avenue was a complete waste of $25 dollars according to a number of staff members. It seems that the administrators agreed with Albetta making a bee line for the door a half hour after he got there. Followed closely by Winchester and Bradley. One staff member said it seemed like they were abandoning Jimenez. Theses administrators according to staff members had taken a spot by the bar as far away from Jimenez and the teachers as possible. Staff members also noted that the $25 did not cover drinks and many had to purchase soda. Another staff member said that the only reason they went to the party was because they didn’t want to get written up for not showing up. Well my question is which administrators collected the money for The party and if they followed the proper DOE protocols for collecting cash? After all a DOE audit noted that $158,000 may have been misappropriated.


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