Combat Pay


it’s been an interesting week for DOE employees. On Friday  A TEACHER AT CITY AS A SCHOOL WAS STUNNED TWICE WITH A STUNNED GUN by a student who did not like their grade. (I’m just wondering if the student realized that crying to the principal would have guarnateed a passing grade.) Also on Friday a School Safety Agent was slashed in the leg by a student at HUMANITIES PREP CAMPUS on West 18th street. Yesterday, Two School Safety agents suffered minor injuries while breaking up a fight and slashing in Queens.

Oddly Enough this lack of security nothing new. Principals like David Jimenez have fudged the Safety Numbers to a point where teachers are now targets (And I don’t mean the store where you send Denise to shop for you David.)in their own classrooms.

For example, at Manhattan Center, David Jimenez and AP of security Daniel Albbetta have fudged the safety numbers so much that Manhattan Center does not have the required number of School Safety agents as established by DOE protocol. (That protocol is one safety agent per door).

In April of 2014, a teacher was attacked as an intruder who entered through an unguarded exit door.

In July of 2014, a students was slashed as he opened an exit door for a friend.

We only know about these incidents this week because they were reported in the News. Most of the time principals will try to sweep these incidents under the rug. For example, When the teacher was attacked at Manhattan Center last April Jimenez tried to keep it a secret and ushered teachers out of the back door. Most of the teachers at Manhattan Center read about the assault on this blog and questioned Jimenez’s reasons for hiding the attack.

I just wonder how many other incidents of teachers being attacked by students have been swept under the rug.

Today,teachers have to face attacks by incompetent administrators who seek to end their careers and now the possibility of being stunned by students Simply means one thing, our union should have gotten us combat pay.

2 thoughts on “Combat Pay

  1. The system is completely broken.

    Principals who under-report violent crimes or sexual related crimes or even hate crimes are not doing any favors for the students or their teachers. It’s solely a practice to con the higher ups into thinking there school is heaven on earth even though it may very well be a the depths of hell.

    From what I’ve read from you I can tell the administrators at your school are totally self-serving and care not for the people who work in their school community.

    You bring up a larger issue of the unions failure to protect teachers. This is apparently becoming a multi-level failure as not only do they fail at protecting teachers careers from evil administrators with ulterior motives but now it’s become evident that they don’t even protect their teachers safety or personal health.

    Sometimes I wonder why the CSA and the UFT have to even exist in the first place.

    It’s fairly obvious both unions are in a death match and the CSA seems to bully the UFT on most occasions. What’s even sadder is the CSA is the minority in terms of members and impact on schools yet they are infinitely more corrupt than any other educational union on the planet.

    Teachers take all the blame when students fail. Administrators take all the credit when students are “successful”. This polarization and unbalanced ideology of responsibility is sickening. The DOE would survive without the CSA and it’s associated organized crime affiliate agencies but it could not and would not function without the hardwork of the rank and file educators who work extremely hard to not only educate students but merely survive politically in a morally bankrupt social environment.

    Continue the work of god friend.

    The truth can be concealed at first but over time it eventually gains strength and surfaces for justice. Lies can be hidden at first but over time they weaken because lies are evil and eventually evil always makes it’s darkness come into the light.

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