Computers? What Computers?


New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer recently released an Audit report citing the lack of accountable when it came to technology that was purchased by the DOE.. Stringer’s report notes that slightly more than 2200 computers were missing from a number of New York City schools. Stringer also noted in his report that the Department of Education did not have a standard operating procedures for cataloging the number of computers it purchased from both Apple and Leveon which are both contracted by the DOE. The report also cites the purchase of 220 IPADs for a Brooklyn school. ,but during a suprise audit none of these IPADS could be found. It’s no wonder that the DOE basically swept the possible misappropriation of funds at Manhattan Center under the rug. The lack of Standard Operating Procedures starts at the top and all Jimenez was doing was following Tweed’s lead. It seems that the ghost of Boss Tweed is running rampant in the DOE headquarters

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