Professional Development (Not Really)


On Election Day (November 4, 2014) While most teachers were at Professional Development the staff of Manhattan Center was sitting in the school’s library discussing the differences between Suburban schools and the New York City Public School system. It seems that principal David Jimenez did not prepare for Professional Development day. (This is nothing new for David Jimenez  in 2013 Jimenez blew off the June 6th Professional development day to go ride the roller-coaster at Great Adventure.)

Jimenez had told staff members that they were going to have a Professional Development on using technology in the classroom. Unfortunately, on the morning  of the PD the speaker cancelled. (If anyone believes  this I have a bridge for sale. Cheap) According to staff members Jimenez went on an hour long tirade about How Suburban schools have more than City schools. (Now I’m just assuming here but this topic may have came up in New Jersey school Board meeting.) Jimenez then had staff members sit around for the rest of the morning doing Think, Pair, Share on the topic. (How is this topic going to help classroom instructions?) After lunch the staff was told that the rest of their professional development was to fix their rooms for parent teacher night.

Okay David, let me answer your question about How Suburban Schools differ from City schools?

The obvious answer is that Suburban schools serve a smaller population then city schools. This means that the student to teacher ratio is 20 to 1 in the suburbs as compared to the 34 to 1 ratio in the city schools. This allows for a more individualized instruction in the suburbs.

Second: Suburban areas use property taxes to pay for education. Many of these taxpayers have a stake in the school system, usually their children attend these schools and parents/taxpayers hold townships accountable when it comes to education.

Third, While corruption does exist in suburban areas it is usually dealt with rapidly. Oddly enough, school administrators who are fired from suburban areas for corruption often find Jobs in the New York City public school system.

Fourth, The Bureaucracy in suburban areas are usually smaller this means that they can supply schools with Textbooks, Sports Equipment, the Newest Technology and Provide teachers with adequate Professional Development.

FINALLY, PARENT INVOLVEMENT. In Suburban area Parents are the sovereign power, not the principal.(Thank your Lucky Stars David that you work in a city school. Because you would have been gone long ago.)


6 thoughts on “Professional Development (Not Really)

  1. I remember the first professional development conducted by Jimenez at MCSM. Teachers were broken into groups and given departmental data for one year. Each group was asked to determine which department had the greatest “gains.” Several math teachers at my table started chuckling and, when Jimenez came to our table, told him that “gains” cannot be determined from one year of data. Jimenez, a former math teacher, told them that they were being too critical. Needless to say, the math department was the first department Jimenez.

  2. Brilliant post! You must have been hiding in the library somewhere. Jimenez was hoping that all the teachers had left the building that day, but of course when they didn’t he had to come up with something on short notice. (No pun intended.)

  3. As a new member of the MCSM staff I heard some really bad things about you from the administration l, but after a recent discussion with certain members of the staff I see that you are fighting to get the truth out about the principal All I can say is watch your back because David stands by the door ever morning waiting for you. I overheard him telling Albetta that he is going to get you to hit him and have you arrested.

    • Thank you for the heads up. Jimenez is predictable if anything. As for you as a new staff member do not go into meeting with the administration without a tape recorder. You will find that listening to Jimenez speak is great entertainment.

  4. Jimenez is a troll. He is incapable of providing professional development because he himself is totally unprofessional. He can’t develop any teachers either because he hasn’t taught a class in 8 years and neither has that walking wussbag Albetta. They have a bunch if non-educators running a circus in that school.

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