Principal’s strange behavior


Its seems as Halloween  approaches the behavior  of David Jimenez principal of Manhattan Center becomes more unpredictable. (Halloween theme music)

On October 16, 2014, Principal  Jimenez began taking pictures of me while I was getting my coffe in the Love Cafe. Strange, I thought to myself, but I asked Jimenez  to stop photographing me. I documented the incident by sending an Email to Chancellor Carmen Farina.

Yesterday October 29, 2014 as I was getting my coffee Jimenez was back doing his best Ansel Adams impersonation. Once again I asked Jimenez not to take pictures of me. Jimenez immediately flipped out because there were people in the Love Cafe. Yelling you don’t scared me, you don’t intimidated me and Don’t talk to me. I simply replied stop taking pictures of me. After the incident I filed a complaint at the 25th Pct (complaint # 7804)

This morning as I stopped to get my coffee Jimenez hid across the street with the school safety level 3. As usually  I watched Jimenez play the victim to anyone who will listen. After the level three walked away Jimenez took out his Galaxy phone and began taking pictures of me again against my will. I do believe this constitutes STALKING. The reality  is Jimenez is like an obsessed fan. Jimenez desperately wants to be a  paparazzi and hope that by constantly taking pictures of me I’ll become Alec Baldwin.

The truth is Jimenez is seeking  a way to discredit everything I have written here, by baiting me into a Mike Thomas situation. During that situation Jimenez reached out his hand like he was going to shake hands and flopped to the floor and began whining that Mike Thomas hit him. Meanwhile, Jimenez had no physical bruises. MIke Thomas was arrested and found innocent. (

Jimenez is a professional victim. He acts like a tough guy when people are around. Yesterday for example he was posturing for those in the Love Cafe, but when I wouldn’t respond to his child-like behavior he stormed out of the Love Cafe like a child taking his toy and leaving the playground. About a year ago I wrote a post called Jimenez’s Predictable Behavior. I predicted that he would try the same thing he did with Mike Thomas.

Yesterday Jimenez didn’t have Albetta, Bradley and Hernandez as he did with Mike Thomas.

Bradley is now an IA principal at a middle school and I doubt he going to risk that for Jimenez.

Albetta has been Jimenez’s pitbull for years, but rumors and they of course are rumors says that Jimenez and Albetta had a falling out. According to staff members Albetta has lost a lot of weight and has become extremely nasty with staff members. This is a sure sign of stress.

Hernandez on the other hand has been promised an AP spot for years by Jimenez ,but Jimenez has not delivered. Hernandez was Jimenez’s ears at the UFT meetings and immediately ran back to him to give him a heads up on union issues. At the Mike Thomas hearing  Hernandez’s story different from that of Bradley and Albetta which simply means these guys are not on the same page.

I’m just assuming that these three have had enough of Jimenez’s antics and are trying to distance themselves from the Jiménez. Either way, I figured Let me document these incidents in a public forum to protect myself.

4 thoughts on “Principal’s strange behavior

  1. Why is he taking pictures of you? That is super creepy. What does he do with these pictures? I don’t even want to know. It’s probably something perverted.

    I would expect Albetta to pull this type of stuff, but not a Principal.

    This whole situation just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    They’ve always been crazy but I think they have seriously derailed.

    Psych test time.

  2. The main problem with Jimenez (and he has a few) is that he wants to have it both ways: he wants to be able to smear or try to ruin the careers of his enemies, AND he wants/expects no animosity or resentment or retribution. He can’t have it both ways.

    No matter how much the DOE and his cronies have protected him so far, or perhaps because nothing major has stuck to him, the ill Will and resentment against him continue to grow. He must either develop a thicker skin (doubtful), take a different job or learn to deal with the hatred against him. His self-created blogs, replete with half-truths, straddle the line between free speech and slander.

    Suck it up David, or quit, or face the music. You can’t have it both ways!

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