You have a talent in terms of making the instruction interesting


On October 8th, 2014 I was observed teaching an ESL class. The lesson was rated satisfactory.


On October 8 ,2014  I observed  you teaching a Social Studies class at 02M575. Your aim was, “How does the policies  of stop and frisk affect our society? . You listed the SWBAT, NYS Learning Standard  and the Common Core Learning  Standards on your lesson plan that you address. Your Do Now was to read two quotes and write a brief paragraph  explaining  Reasonable Suspicion. You reviewed vocabulary words that related to your lesson. You prepared an extensive handout with space provided for students to write explanations, opinions and commentary. ( Now read closely David and Dan) STUDENTS WERE INTERESTED THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PERIOD. THEY WERE STATING OPINIONS AND TELLING STORIES THAT RELATED TO REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES WITH STOP AND FRISK AS YOU WERE TOO YOU KEPT THE STUDENTS ON TASK AND ENGAGED. 

There were many scenarios you presented requiring students to analyze and explain their rights if they are stopped and searched by a police officer. You transitioned into probable cause  and how privacy was incorporated into the Fourth Amendment. You assigned a group assignment that was another scenario for students to determine whether police had enough evidence for a stop and frisk or an arrest. Students were instructed to use the definitions you reviewed in their written answers. There was a share out of this group work followed by a summary written by students  on stop and frisk answering the question posed in the Aim.

(Once again David and Dan read closely  you may learn something.)


Based on our pre-observation conference, we agreed that I would be looking for both students engaged in meaningful instruction in a standards-based class room and the utilization of good classroom management skills. THE INSTRUCTION WAS COHERENT, THE ASSESSMENT SHOW MASTERY OF YOUR OBJECTIVE, THERE WAS A SUMMARY AND GOOD QUESTIONING /DISCUSSION TECHNIQUES EMPLOYED.

Your met my pre observations expectations. THIS WAS A SATISFACTORY LESSON.



So this is two satisfactory observations since I’ve been exiled to the ATR pool. The reason I’m a ATR is because David Jimenez and Dan Albetta knowingly made false statements about my teaching abilities leading to my 3020A for Incompetent.

Let’s look at the Fact

for nine years I was rated satisfactory as a teacher


My Passing Rate on the American History Regents  was 98% a fact that was never disputed  at my 3020A.


I’ve been rated satisfactory two years in a row while being an ATR. Now realize  these were students that I’ve never taught before and both time the ATR Supervisor commended my rapport  with these students.

Question: Why did David Jimenez  and Dan Albetta  U rate me when the record clearly shows that I am a competent teacher?

Question: How many other non tenured teachers at Manhattan Center faced the same fate as I did?

4 thoughts on “You have a talent in terms of making the instruction interesting

  1. Nice Job. Must tell you the thirty minute tantrum on Monday was classic. Jimenez is losing his mind or what is left of it.

  2. It’s so obvious you were targeted for removal from MCSM because of malicious personal and political agendas perpetrated by the Daniel Albetta and David Jimenez.

    They themselves know the corruption they engaged in.

    By the way, you should know that they started a blog about you where the call you fat, lazy and incompetent. They also called a former colleague a transvestite as their immaturity and unprofessional behavior was on full display and forever memorialized on the internet.

    I would suggest you file charges of slander and harassment against them as they posted personal false information about you as well as insulted you. They also accused you of being a anti-gay even though you were exonerated from the alleged remarks Mr. Albetta claimed you made.

    You don’t have to justify yourself on your blog. Everyone who has ever known you as a teacher knows you are an outstanding teacher. You were a victim of an administrative conspiracy and workplace bullying.

    The creators of that blog are engaging in criminal behavior and they are doing it on school property. They are obsessed with you and they continuously make references about you on a daily basis even though you no longer work there.

    It is unfathomable that these admins and educators are getting away this was vulgar and inappropriate behavior on city time.

    I actually feel bad for them. They are so pathetic. They have nothing better to do than to try and slander you when they have a school that has several MAJOR problems in it. Their time should be spent trying to improve the school not engaging in illegal retaliatory and childish actions against you especially since you have only told the truth about what transpires in that toxic school.

    I truly believe these people are deranged and deeply psychologically disturbed. They are a danger to students and staff members and it’s time for the DOE to take steps to have them removed.

    It’s ironic how they forced you to go to sensitity training when they first claim you are anti-gay and then they go and refer to former colleagues as transvestives who have not even had contact with them for 2 years.

    It’s a travesty that Mr. Albetta, Jimenez and Hernandez are employed as civil servants when they have done nothing but destroy that school culture by serving themselves and neglecting their duties while fudging statistics, fixing grades, harassing student and employees and endangering their lives on a constant basis.

    They have no shame, no integrity, no morals, no values and I’d even go as far to say they are truly evil looking to make a buck off the city.

    These men don;t even care about students let alone their staff members.

    These are bureaucuratic troublemakers and totally incompetent. Actually, incompetent is too nice of a word. They willfully go out of their way to destroy every positive aspect of what’s left of that highly tocis learning community.

    Thank you for telling the truth about whats really going in the school.

    It’s scary just to think how far public education has devolved into a cesspool of hateful and ignorant people who don’t care an iota about the kids,

    They exemplify EVERYTHING that is wrong with education.

    60 Minutes could run an entire special on just how corrupt and how much disarray exists in todays DOE and how fitting would it be if they started at the “Center” for Science and Math or SADISM and MALICE as it should be more appropriately named.

    God bless you.

    Keep up the good work.

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