Who more Corrupt DOE Legal or David Jimenez?



It seems  that the above post has reached a lot of people including Manhattan Center for Science and Math  principal David Jimenez.

During yesterday (October 6,2014) staff meeting principal Jimenez  had a 30 minute tantrum about the budget at Manhattan Center. Jimenez’s tantrum cited the Money post that I wrote in August. Jimenez also quoted a recently  FOILED document that I received  in an email on Saturday. I briefly  looked over the document which was a spreadsheet of Daniel Albetta’s  per-session hours. According to the document Albetta made a little more than $4,000 in per-session from 2010-2014 his title during for this per-session  was noted as SC. I’m assuming  this means Security Coordinator. DOE Legal seems to have missed the Athletic Director job he has held since 2009 and of course his summer lunch program  job. The staff at Manhattan Center has questioned  Mr. Jimenez’s budget for the past 8 years. This includes Title 1 (which is money received  from the federal government.) I understand  recently  Jimenez was served with another subpoena violating  Title 1 spending policies.


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