I’ll take what’s behind door number 3



The New York Post recently published an article on  the secret settlements for teacher’s  misconduct  cases. The truth is there is nothing secret  about these deals. I was first offer a deal  while I sat in my union lawyer’s office. I looked at the union lawyer and asked him if he was Monty Hall. (The original Emcee of Let’s make a deal.) I then stated I don’t make deals. The truth was the Department  of Education did not have faith in the testimonies of the administration of Manhattan Center. The reality was how could a teacher with nine years of satisfactory work and high passing rates on regents exams suddenly  decline  into total incompetent. The second time I was offered  a deal was right before the start of my 3020A hearing. The city’s lawyer and my union lawyer both noted that Principal David Jimenez  was pushing hard for me to take a deal. Once again I noted I don’t  take deals. Interestingly enough David Jimenez prior to my 3020a hearing told my chapter leader that I wouldn’t  be fired, but I would probably receive a fine.

Every teacher knows the 3020a  process is a rigged game and Jimenez’s statement to my chapter leader proved it The reality is 95% of the 3020a cases end up with the teacher being found guilty of some charge. (For example  I was brought  up on incompetent  charges, but found guilty  of 1 charge of insubordination because I complaint about being harassed.) Teachers are then fined outrageous amount of money. (I received a fifteen thousand  dollar fine meanwhile, an assistant principal  from Bread and Roses only received a seven thousand dollar fine for changing his son’s grades. I think this is bordering  on Nepotism. In 2010 the principal of Manhattan  Village Academy was fined ten thousand dollars for giving away a dipolma to a student who didn’t earn it.) The truth is the majority  of 3020A cases are overturned in Article 75 hearings.

In a 3020a hearing teachers  cannot use information that occurred  three years prior to the hearing. Simply stated  a principal can write three years of lies and that cancels out the rest a teacher’s career. So in my case nine years of satisfactory work and ratings  just magically  disappeared.  A principal  can  lie and dirty up a teacher and the reality is that a teacher has no where to turn. I took my complaints  to OEO, SCI and OSI and these complaints  fell on deaf ears.






I have two simply questions for both the New York Post and the Department  of Education.

If these teachers that are brought up on charges are so bad why does the DOE only fire ten percent  of them?

Why does the Department  of Education  redacted  the transcript of 3020A  hearings? Considering  that these are public hearings of public employees.

The majority of teachers brought up on charges have basically been railroaded. As I was told during my hearing I have to find you guilty of something.

I wish my story was the only one like this, but it’s not. Check out the following  websites








2 thoughts on “I’ll take what’s behind door number 3

  1. You have started a fear feast with the some of the administrators at Manhattan Center. Jimenez stands by the door under the scaffold and looks out to see if you are outside. If you are he waits until you leave before going across the street. Albetta has complained to the level 3 to watch you when you are across the street. He had started waiting for Hernandez to walk in with him in the morning.. Watching these wannabe tough guys shit themselves at your presence is so much fun.

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