Another child goes missing

imagesOn Monday September 15 2014 another child wandered out of a New York City Public school nearly a year after the tragic disappearance of Avonte Oquendo. Luckily this student was recently found.

Chancellor Carmen Farina immediately removed Joan Antonelli the Principal of PS 371 in Sunset Park. Chancellor Farina stated “Under my watch safety is my first concern. Anyone who doesn’t follow procedures will be judged for that.”

That is a bold statement considering schools like Manhattan Center under report incidents that occur within their building.  The reality is that protocol calls for 1 school safety agent per exit door. In a school like Manhattan Center that would mean 11 school safety agents to cover each door and 1 for the front desk and 2 per floor in total that would mean 20 school safety agents just to assure that the student could not leave the building through an unauthorized exit.

In school like Manhattan Center protocol is only followed when it suits the administration’s needs. For example on July 8, 2014, I wrote about watching intruders entering Manhattan Center through an unguarded door.

A week later a student was slashed after he opened and unguarded door to let his friend in who was being chased and threaten.

Oddly enough on April 17, 2012, Jimenez sent an email to the staff explaining why he had closed the staff entrance.  Jimenez’s notes in his email that unknown intruders recently entered the building. Oddly enough, Jimenez never activated the Department of Education protocol security breeches like an unknown intruder, yet in  the Mike Thomas hearing ( as well in  my 3020a hearing Jimenez and his cronies used Sandy Hook as an excuse to attack both of us. ( I was actually written up for using a Machiavelli quote on a bulletin board. The qoute had been on the bulletin board for four months prior to Sandy Hook. Jimenez’s reason for writing me up was that the quote could have a Sandy Hook type response.)

The lack of protocols in schools like Manhattan Center endangers the lives of both staff and students.

In  April of 2014 a staff member was attacked by an intruder who had entered the building through an unguarded entrance.

In December of 2012 two students left the Manhattan Center during school and nearly drowned in the East River.

The reality is if Chancellor Farina wants to protect students she must rely more on human interaction and less on the cameras. As with Avonte Oquendo the world watched as he walked out a door that was guarded by a camera that was obviously not being watched. The only time the camera are watched in a school is when a principal is targeting a teacher.


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