Transparency Redux


It has come to my attention that the administration of Manhattan Center or cronies of the administration have decided to post a blog about me. Much of the information in their blogs is either outright lies or half truths (Come to think about it the only three truths on that blog is  1) I’m an ATR. A topic I’ve discussed in my blog. 2) I had a 3020a hearing which I’ve basically published on this blog .3). I have a second job)

Their blog talks about the incident in room B 50 which I’ve posted on this blog. Their main point is that I used the derogatory term for an individual who is gay. These individuals also insist that I am homophobic. Both the arbitator in my 3020a and the Department of Education Office of Equal Opportunity believed that the incident in room B 50 was caused by the administration’s constant harassment of me.

I was sent to a one day sensitivity training seminar (Oddly enough one of the issued discussed in this seminar was work place harassment and documenting it.) and sent back to school.

Oddly enough on May 1, 2012 a student J.M came into my classroom. He was highly upset. He stated that then Dean Dennis Hernandez had called him Trayvon Martin because he was wearing a hoodie. As a mandated reporter I immediately notified the guidance office of the child’s accusation because my complaint would have fallen on deaf ears if I told Jimenez.  Mr. Jimenez took no action against Mr. Hernandez.  In light of Donald Sterling and Bruce Leveson’s racial statements Mr. Hernandez should have been brought up on disciplinary charges of verbal abuse under the Chancellor’s Regulations, but instead Mr. Hernandez walked away unscathed.

When I received the comment about the blog I thought that it was a odd that on Wednesday September 11,  2014 at 7 am I saw David Jimenez in the Love Cafe. Jimenez’s body language showed fear as I walked in with my son. As my son and I sat to eat Jimenez decided he was going to eyeball me. (Really) Eventually Jimenez got his order and left. That night I got phone calls from a couple of staff members asking me about the non incident.  I refused to comment on it. When the comment showed up on my blog today I immediately thought of that incident. I’m guessing it is a ploy to get me to act out physically against them. Once again you failed David.


2 thoughts on “Transparency Redux

  1. On September 11 Jimenez walked back into the school you could see he was visible shaken by the encounter. I wish I was there to see it especially since his entourage of Brian Bradley (A principal now at Renaissance Middle School) Dan Albetta and Dennis Hernandez were no where to be found.

  2. What happened to “Forgive and Forget?”. I guess that was more BS from the evil elf.

    Only a troll would fear a righteous man and cower in fear to seek refuge in a school that he’s made more dangerous than the coffee shop. By the way, how is it that a student goes missing from another school, is safely returned, and the principal gets fired, but in MCSM a student LEAVES the building to save another STUDENT from a MUGGING and gets SLASHED FOR IT and there is absolutely NO RESPONSE from the DOE whatsoever, not even a comment. It’s like they were glad about it. I’m surprised they didn’t just make Jimenez the new Chancellor right then and there!

    Just once I’d like to hear a story about this imp doing something right for once and not being a bastard.

    If I had a penny for every lie this asstroll told I could feed ever starving child around the world 10x over.

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