Where is Mr. Brian Bradley?


It seems that Jimenez’s group of cronies have lost their smartest member or at least their best orator. Today was Brian Bradley last day at Manhattan Center.

Last school year as I spoke with some members of the staff in a clandestine meeting I voiced my opinion that Bradley would be the first to separate himself from the unholy alliance. This is a smart move for Bradley who has a PHD, but had his reputation tarnished in the Mike Thomas incident.(https://www.mcsmledger.wordpress.com)

Bradley was also the subject of a blog that brought SCI to see me in June seeking information about his relationship with another staff member. (Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about it or I would have done my best Dan Albetta acting job.)

Bradley’s days at being a trustworthy servant of Jimenez came to an end when the arbitator in my 3020A deemed him the only creditable witness of Jimenez’s administration.

My question to Bradley is simple now that you are free of Jimenez reigns come clean and regain some of your dignity and tell the truth about Jimenez and Albetta setting me up.



5 thoughts on “Where is Mr. Brian Bradley?

  1. His leaving is damning to Jimenez’s administration. The only administrators left around Jimenez are totally corrupt cronies. Albetta, Jimenez and Hernandez are the driving force behind this evil conspiracy.

    Jimenez got rid of the special education program so Bradley probably knew he was expendable and left before the ruination of his career. It’s pathetic that Jimenez got rid of special education at MCSM. That school needed the program badly to properly serve the student body. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Jimenez and Albetta misappropriated special ed funding and they probably decided to get rid of the program before the authorities got wind of the cover-up.

    You could tell that Mr. Bradley was deeply troubled by the behavior of Mr. Albetta and Mr. Jimenez but he played his part as a crony by perjuring himself in court regarding the Mr. Thomas case.

    He is truly the lesser of all the evils but he still was involved in their conspiracy.

    Hopefully he will do the right thing and come clean. Bradley was different than the others because you could see he still had a soul. Whatever shred of decency or righteousness he had was enough to wake him up and sever ties with these evil people.

    It was obvious he was struggling with his sense of morality and what Jimenez was forcing him to do. He left because he couldn’t take it anymore.

    While subvert his colleagues and make rookie mistakes at least his actions didn’t trickle down to the point where he was committing atrocities against actual students like Albetta, Jimenez and the others did.

    For a time Bradley was the front man for Jimenez’s destructive and evil agenda. He was the only administrator with public speaking ability and his colleagues saw the influence of Jimenez over him. I think Bradley in a normal social setting would have been an entirely different kind of person.

    Jimenez and his cronies are pure evil. Wherever they are corruption and evil will follow. They do not belong in the field of education. They know it themselves.

  2. My condolences go out to family of Invisible AP.
    Mr. Bradley’s departure was not a surprise at all. Since the Mike Thomas incident Bradley has been distancing himself from the Administration. Bradley did not want to testify at the Mike Thomas hearing because he knew he would perjure himself. On the other side Bradley reluctantly went along with Jimenez and Albetta in your case. He was highly upset that they forced him to do the demo lesson you requested. And your review about it really upset him. He confided in me that he felt like a pawn.

  3. Now that Mr. Bradley has moved on, let’s examine, as he might, what’s in a name. MCSM anagrams:

    David Jimenez: Daze Mind Jive
    Denise Winchester: Intercedes; Whines.
    Brian Bradley: Barnyard Bile
    Bad Brain Love
    Banal Dry Bier
    Dan Albetta: A Bland Teat
    Bald Tea Ant
    Daniel Albetta: A Battled Alien
    A Labia Nettled
    Dennis Hernandez: Darn Denizens Hen
    Charles Kwan: Chalk Answer
    Clank, He’s Raw

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