Out of Compliance Again


In January of 2014 an explosion in a chemistry lab injured two students Beacon High School. The Department of Education quickly removed the teacher from the classroom.


While the accident at Beacon was unfortunate it did open everyone’s eyes to the danger of dealing with different types of chemicals except at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school.

In June of 2014, one of the two lab assistants at Manhattan Center retired, the other was almost immediately excessed. This left the school OUT OF COMPLIANCE WITH STATE REGULATIONS, but being out of compliance is nothing new for the David Jimenez administration. (I’m just curious what was Jimenez doing all summer when he knew he needed a lab assistant. I know it wasn’t worrying about security because a student was slashed at Manhattan Center in July and Jimenez and Albetta turned their sight on school security forcing out two  well respected agents.) In past years Jimenez and AP of Special Education Brian Bradley were out of compliance in special education almost every year. (Bradley once showed a student’s IEP on a PowerPoint during a staff meeting and forgot to black out the student’s name.)

The reality is this time being out of compliance means that the student’s and staff are at danger during chemistry classes or the students are at risk of not graduating because that lack required chemistry labs.

On the other hand the lack of required chemistry labs gives Jimenez ammunition to go after senior teachers and as chancellor Carmen Farina stated “principals can’t be afraid to write people up.”

Hey David, don’t worry about it at least you were born happy.



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