Forgive and Forget


It seems that Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school Principal David Jimenez wants to forgive and forget all the transgressions of his enemies.  I’m. assuming the death of John Ayala has Jimenez looking at his own mortality. 

Well David, maybe you should attest to your sins   since you’ve become so Pious. Considering you have destroyed a number of teacher’s careers and reputations with your lies. ( Arbitrator Lisa Brogan wrote that she questioned your credibility and lack of leadership abilities.

To the teachers of Manhattan Center Jimenez is a chameleon and Albetta is a snake. Trusting them may cost you your career.  Just ask the number of people who came before you.




One thought on “Forgive and Forget

  1. It’s very easy to ask for forgiveness but it’s an entirely different thing to want to repent your sins.

    If Jimenez was serious about forgiving and forgetting where are his actions to back up his word?

    Will he bring back all the employees he crushed?

    Will he get rid of all the corruption in his cabinet and modus operandi?

    Trust not in his words until he truly earns forgiveness…

    How about starting with confession? I hear that’s usually a good start.

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