Hey Mike what about the teachers you represent?

nypdlogocvhHas Michael Mulgrew lost his mind? I am one of NYC teachers (and yes some administrators) that find it reprehensible that UFT president Michael Mulgrew has decided to support Al Sharpton’s March against alleged police brutality and the New York City Police Department.

Before getting involved in this political hotbed Mr. Mulgrew should look at his own house first. This blog and many others have pointed out workplace harassment, sexual harassment. Professional misconduct and corruption.  Many of these cases are well documented, but Mulgrew and many of the union hierarchy turn a blind eye to it. 

Hey Mike, here is a little Common Sense

1)The NYPD protects many of our colleagues in high incidents schools. 

2) The NYPD are unionized civil servants just like teachers and at this time they need the support of their union brothers.

3) Members of the New York City Police Department risk their lives every day to protect us.

Hey, Mike if you want to stand up against the abuse of power start with the principals who abuse your union members.


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