In March of 2014, I filed a FOIL request for the per-session time sheets of Manhattan Center for Science and Math AP Daniel Albetta. The DOE Legal Department outright refused to give me the information I requested. So I turned my sights to the Internet and a website called See through NY ( Since all city employees salaries are public I decided to search Daniel Albetta name.

In 2009, Daniel Albetta received $33,793 in per-session
In 2009, that was the approximate salary of a first year teacher.
In 2013, Daniel Albetta’s per-session salary dropped to $18,293. That is the approximate salary of a school aide.

During the five year span that Mr. Albetta was shaking down the school system, teachers at Manhattan Center were informed that there was no per-session money for tutoring or running clubs, yet in 2010 Mr. Albetta earned $29,000 in per-session money. In total Mr. Albetta had earned approximately $160,000 in a five year span on per-session alone. That was enough money to hire 3 new teachers.

My question is a simple one. How does the AP of Security earn that type of money for a school that ranks in the bottom 10% of violent incidents?


12 thoughts on “Money

  1. Voltaire 280, I think you’re being very shortsighted here. Albetta and company did extensive work in the following areas, truly earning every dollar: 1) encouraging staff members not to report, or to underreport, violent incidents; 2) learning and utilizing techniques to inflame tense situations with students, thereby ensuring criminal records for young people of color; 3) harassing and intimidating retired teachers, depriving them of their 1st amendment rights; 4) calling in phony assault reports to police regarding said retirees, and making false and often contradictory reports against them in judicial proceedings.

    All in all, money well spent!

  2. I’ve been waiting for five years for someone to call out Jimenez’s use of per-session money. During this past school year the abuse of per-session at Manhattan Center was being investigated. That could be why legal refused your request because it is an open investigation

  3. FOIL again but ask for time cards and respective per session forms.

    On a separate request ask for payroll payment spreadsheet with hours and payment info.

  4. 32k a year is a little under 800 per session hours. That’s more than 4 hours a day, for every day in which school is open (I wonder how many times he went to a sporting event and billed hours as AD or head of security.). It’s about 4.5 hours for every teaching day. Did Albetta work 11-12 hours at school for every school day, for 5 years?

    (Maybe APs get more than $42 an hour for per session; I don’t know.). Still, telling teachers that there’s no per session money available and that they have to tutor for free, all while Albetta gets $32k a year. Hmmmmmmm….

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