The ATR pool



As a member of the exclusive ATR club and one of the 221 teachers who were brought up on charges, but not fired. I can say that I speak from experience. 

This blog was originally published to show the injustices that occur within the New York City Department of Education.  My trip to the ATR pool was a long journey that began in April 2009, with an arrest of a student. It ended in August of 2014 with me being put in the ATR pool.

From my first day as a student teacher on September 11, 2001 to my last day at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school in June 2013 I always gave my students the best education possible. Every morning before I walked out of my office I would always read the same quote from Joe Dimaggio that had on my bulletin board in front of my desk. The quote simply stated ” There is always some kid who is seeing me for the first or last time and I owe them my best.” and my best is what I gave them. My students always performed extremely well on the New York State American history regents this allowed me attain a 98% Passing rate on that exam. (THIS IS A FACT THAT WAS NEVER DISPUTED AT MY 3020A HEARING CONSIDERING THAT I WAS CHARGED WITH INCOMPETENT.) 

My trip to the ATR pool started because I questioned the policies of both principal David Jimenez and AP of Security Daniel Albetta these two individuals in returned started a personal vendetta against me using both OSI and SCI to investigate me.(FOR SOME OF MY PEERS AND READERS THIS STORY MAY SOUND FAMILIAR.) From 2010-2013 I was investigated by OSI three times. I’ve also received three different visits from SCI on various complaints filed by both Jimenez and Albetta.  Recently I foiled my three OSI investigations all three were unsubstantiated and in one the OSI investigator was Lawrence Scott. (This is the same individual who wanted sex from a teacher to drop the charges against her.) Scott according to the report questioned Jimenez’s credibility. 

In March of 2010 Mr. Albetta filed the first frivolous osi report against me. (The image above is his signature on the complaint) According to Albetta’s report a student filed a complaint because I had a mean look on my face in a store across the street from the school. This charged was unsubstantiated, but it put my name on the radar for OSI. The second charge against me was filed on October 19,, 2010 and unsubstantiated on November 11,2011. The name of the AP who signed it is illegible and I was never told of the investigation. But the date coincides with the second walk out of Jimenez’s term these charges were also unsubstantiated. In the case that Lawrence Scott investigated, Jimenez’s credibility was questioned again went he stated that I set up a blog called . Once again the charges were unsubstantiated. 

In between these frivolous-osi-reports Jimenez and Albetta refused to conducted formal observations of me.( A formal observation requires a pre observations conference in which a supervisor gives you a definitive date and shows up on that day during the assigned period. The pre observation also includes a discussion of the lesson you are planning to use. After the obsevation there is a Post Observation conference in which the teacher and supervisor discuss the lesson.) Jimenez and Albetta both used the Gotcha observation to U rated me. (This is when a supervisor walks in and observe you for a period without any knowledge of the lessons you taught prior or why you are teaching that certain lesson on the day they walk in on you.)

Unfortunately, Teaching is not as easy as everyone thinks. A teacher can work for 8 hours on planning a lesson and it just doesn’t work, Meanwhile, a lesson planned in five minutes might be extraordinary on that day. Many teachers can attest to this.

Between the Gotcha observations and the U ratings were the constant writes up for made up offenses. For example, I was assigned to hall duty which simple means that I had to make sure no students were in the hall. One day a student was going door to door disrupting the educational process. I escorted this child back to his class and was reprimanded for leaving the area next to a locked bathroom. This write was tossed by the Arbitrator in my 3020A hearing.

While the Post article highlights the fact that nearly 221 of the 1131 teachers in the ATR pool were in the ATR pool for disciplinary reasons.

The article does not cite that the average age of teachers in the ATR pool is 40.
The average time on the job that these teachers have is 11 years.

My Questions are simple:
How come Principals who filed frivolous allegations are not held accountable for the number of unsubstantiated reports they file?

Why is it permissible for Principals to waste city dollars on personal vendetta against teachers?




5 thoughts on “The ATR pool

  1. No one can question your professional excellence. As a parent you are a teacher I would totally entrust my child too for various reasons including your disciplinary methods as well as your content knowledge and teaching methods.

    The DOE is a corrupt bureaucracy full of self-serving scum who shouldn’t even be allowed to clean toilets on Riker’s Island.

    I applaud your efforts to expose the massive infestation of incompetent people in the public sector and wish you all the best.

    Mr. Albetta and Mr. Jimenez are known scumbags and their reputations precede them for miles for being complete trash.

    Your reputation speaks volumes as the only “blemishes” on your record are FABRICATED INCIDENTS initiated by those who are your known enemies.

    You have more credibility and integrity than they have. In fact they don’t have INTEGRITY or CREDIBILITY.

    Keep doing your thing and know that thousands of people love and support you.

    DTOE forever.

  2. David Jimenez and Daniel Albetta are the most corrupt individuals in the entire DOE. The only people more corrupt than them are the ones who keep them in power.

    These guys are both going to hell. They don’t a crap about ANYTHING or ANYONE. All they care about is terrorizing their staffs and wreaking havoc wherever they go.

    They are boldface liars, cowards and disgusting people.

    They have absolutely no shame or remorse for all the ridiculous perverse actions they’ve taken.

    These guys turned over a great staff by 80% in 5 years. They replaced them with brain dead idiots who just kiss their ass all day.

    MCSM is a jungle now. You can’t even call it a school. There’s violence, gambling, sex in the hallways, gangs, and they don’t even care.

    Albetta lives off Jimenez’s tit. He’s just kissing his ass to get Tenure and Jimenez keeps him around because Albetta knows about Jimenez’s thieving ways.

    If these guys were in Singapore they’d be caned in public until their hides were hanging by a thread

    Buncha drug addict degenerates

    Can you believe these guys have kids?

    Can you imagine what those poor kids are gonna be like when they get older?

    It’s like having Charles Manson as a father.

  3. Great read. Research NYC Charter section 1116 and let me know if you find someone who enforces it as it speaks to false claims and fraud by public employees.

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  5. I agree with all the replies in this thread. You don’t need to defend your reputation against the likes of Albetta or Jimenez.

    Never mind them being removed from the DOE they both belong in prison.

    There is no doubt they are both going to hell. The rap sheet on both of them is too long to even go into but to summarize their behavior they are incompetent at best but in reality they are:

    Drug addicts
    Sex Offenders
    Child Abusers
    Workplace Bullies
    Certifiably Insane

    From what I hear they are both headed to prison so there’s no need to worry.

    They dug their own graves and they will have to lay in them eventually.

    Karma is a bitch and it’s coming for them in a major way one way or the other.

    They’ve made so many enemies it wouldn’t surprise me if they both ended up dead before they go to jail.

    They should really just kill themselves and do the rest of the world a favor.

    They’ve done so much bad I don’t think they could right their wrongs in 100 lifetimes if given the chance.

    I also agree it is pathetic that they are both parents.

    If you can’t treat people the way you’d want to be treated you should at least treat people the way you’d want others to treat their children when they come of age.

    These 2 idiots are clueless, shameless vindictive jealous pieces of trash that their mothers should have swallowed a long time ago.

    And everyone knows it.

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