While most schools have Graduation during the last week’s of the school year. Manhattan Center is having its graduation Friday Morning at 9 am at Lehman College in the Bronx. Now this means one of two things
1) The COSA, Dennis Hernandez just screw up and failed to book Hunter College within a reasonable time. Simply meaning he procrastinated because he was too busy spying on teachers for the like of Dan Albetta.

2) Principal David Jiménez does not want teachers to attend so that he can only hear the boos the senior class heaps on him.

Either way Manhattan Center is located in East Harlem and Lehman College is locates in the Bedford Park Rd area of the Bronx and is accessible from the four train. Most of the students at Manhattan Center live in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn making the trip to Lehman fairly long especially during rush hour.

To the Graduation Class of 2014 good luck.
To the Administration you screwed up again.

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