McCarthyism Department of Education Style: The Proof

McCarthyism Department of Education Style: The Proof
In Sunday’s edition of the New York Post (6/15/2014 see above link) Principal Greta Hawkins boldly announced that ” The city would do nothing to punish her. I HAVE PROTECTION FROM A HIGHER SOURCE. ” Based on the statement Hawkins proves my assumption that principals in the New York City Public School system are above the law.

It took the city nearly six years to response to the complaints about Marcela Sills the Principal of the School of No in Far Rockaway which is primarily a low income neighborhood. Oddly enough, the teachers in her school complained about lacking basic education materials, yet in the California tenure case the judge noted that the low income school often have the most unqualified teachers because of tenure. The teachers on Sill’s school seemed more then qualified and we’re concerned with the well being and education of their students. Meanwhile Sill’s was more concerned about her decorating her office.

David Jimenez is no different his lack of credibility and leadership skills (As per Arbitrator Lisa Brogan) and his legal tangles with female A.P.s and Mike Thomas ( proves that if you are a principal in the New York City Public School system you are Above the Law.

This is an article from today’s New York Daily News (Tuesday June 17 2014)
200 Rally to Ax Astoria principal.
More than 200 students, parents and teachers rallied outside of William Cullen Bryant High School making it clear that they want their principal gone.

PRINCIPAL NAMITA DWARKA has neglected special needs students, taken away math and science programs and altered the school’s grading standards to improve graduation rates. A handful of students were warned that if they took part in the protest they would not take part in graduation.

Teachers stated that DWARKA has doctored their performance records, canceled after school programs and fired them from coaching position when they’ve spoken out against her. One teacher noted, “Everyone is waiting for the ax to drop on their head next.”

“No man is above the law no man is below the law, nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey the law.” Teddy Roosevelt


One thought on “McCarthyism Department of Education Style: The Proof

  1. I can’t believe that Greta Hawkins would be that blatant about how protected she is. This is truly corruption at its best. I’ve read through the majority of your blog and the others that are linked to yours and I can’t believe that no one questioned the corruption, sexual harassment, criminal behavior, grade fixing, misappropriation of funds and teacher abuse that has occurred in the at Manhattan Center and this is only one school out of approximately 1600 city schools. I can’t imagine how many others share the same issues.

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