Leadership Academy Lesson 1 Criminal Behavior

Leadership Academy Lesoon 1 Criminal Behavior

It seems that my reporting of an inflammatory comment on this blog to the police has raised the ire of a few members of the Manhattan Center community. Recently a certain individual has been using a city owned cellphone(of course this is solely based on the IP Address) to make unflattering comments about me on this blog. I have not posted these comments, but I have passed them along to the NYPD as part of my complaint.

In an article in today, New York Post (June 10,2014) on page 6 it seems a teacher in Queens has sued a principal for race discrimination. It seems the Principal Antonio K Tori was sued for alleged sexual harassment last year and currently has a discrimination case pending because it seems Mr.K’Tori targets older white and Jewish teachers in favor of attractive females. Mr K’Tori is accused of using false disciplinary and performance recordso to target white teachers.

Does this story ring a bell. I’m assuming K’Tori and Manhattan Center’s Principal David Jiménez both graduated the Leadership Academy.

My Question is how much longer are these individuals going to be allowed to get away with this criminal behavior?


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