Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School, the New India?


If you are a woman at Manhattan Center you are a target. It seems that the pattern of abuse against women at Manhattan Center continues. Recently a female student came to school with a restraining order against a male student. The female student was order to get a safety transfer because it was not fair to her abuser to be denied his education.

Its seems the male students at Manhattan Center are modeling the behavior of the administration (The education practice of modeling is for a teacher to model a behavior they wish the students to emulate.)

This is not a new issue at Manhattan center

Eventually, someone is going to get wise to the situation at Manhattan Center.


5 thoughts on “Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School, the New India?

  1. That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. If a male student physically assaulted a female student he should have been placed on a superintendents suspension or expelled since the female issued a restraining order.

    How can the victim be asked to transfer?

    Jimenez has really lost his mind over there.

    Leave it to Albetta to make a simple decision to expel a male student a civil case over educational rights.

    In my opinion, when you egregiously violate the chancellor’s regulations you forfeit your right to a free education at that particular institution of learning.

    Safety transfers are not supposed to be used in this fashion. They are used to protect students against gang violence or constant physical conflicts with the same individual.

    Albetta and Jimenez are horrible when it comes to school safety. EXPEL THE MALE STUDENT YOU DUMMIES.

    Mr. Silvers, have that female student contact a good lawyer. She’s got a great claim against the DOE and MCSM if they did in fact force her to transfer.

    When will this madness end?

    These guys are horrible

  2. I can’t believe that females students are treated this way in America, but judging from the behavior of Jimenez and Albetta I’m not surprised.

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