Absolute Power corrupts absolutely

When Lord Acton spoke his famous quote “absolute power corrupts absolutely” liitle did he realize that this quote would become the moniker for the majority of principals in the New York City Department of Education.
When Mayor Bloomberg gave these individuals (principals) total autonomy he opened a Pandora’s box of corruption. To protect these Principals Bloomberg expanded the legal department within the department of education. Today, lawyers run the Department of Education and their primary targets are tenure teachers.(Just a note tenure is not a guarantee to a life time job it is simply Due Process. the same type of Due Process that is guaranteed to us as citizens of the United States by the United States Constitution.)

This post is geared towards the corruption that occurs at the administration level within a school. In the articles below from various news sources are examples of corruption that the school’s chancellor and the mayor want to sweep under the rug, but the dirt is starting to show as more and more principals are being caught in scandals.






As you read the above article Manhattan Village Academy has a stellar graduation rate, but how many of those diplomas were actually earned especially since Principal Gearger has no qualms about giving away a high school diploma.





Question: Do these surveys give a true evaluation of a school and its progress if the numbers can be manipulated by an administrator?


4 thoughts on “Absolute Power corrupts absolutely

  1. And this is just what the papers got wind of. Can you imagine just how widespread the corruption really is?

    The DOE needs a total overhaul of just about everything…It’s pathetic that the largest educational system in the world is plagued by the likes of fascist dictators and ruthless scoundrels who just don’t care about kids.

    Tell me this.

    Are you doing a student a favor by passing them with a 60 gpa?

    Are you doing society a favor by graduating the truly ineligible?

    This is the problem with the system.

    It’s totally liberalized and based on STATISTICS.

    Colleges do the same thing and the U.S. Gov’t plays it’s role perfectly with the student loan scandal they have going on.

    For Christ’s sake we have people with Masters degree’s in engineering being denied employment at McDonalds…

    Is this the America you really want to live in?

    Somebody do something and remove these dirtbag bureaucrats and restore values and ethics to our schools to bring dignity back to society.

    They have these kids scared to death over studying for material they just need to know for 3 hours and then they just shove em along and graduate em all the while forgetting to teach them what life’s all about. In the process they poison them with disgusting food and don’t provide enough physical activity and allow cronies and admin loyalists union busters to run amok and collect close to 100k a year.

    Don’t even get me started on Special Education…OH THE WAY THEY STEAL THAT TITLE MONEY, OH BOY.

  2. Oh and one more thing, to your quote absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I totally agree and I feel that schools should be run by councils that ensure checks and balances against abuses of power.

    The current system is feudal and barbaric.

    Every single decision a school makes should be done collectively by the best and brightest employees of that school.

    To designate ONE person, no matter how just or unjust they may be is a disservice to school communities. Schools are like ecosystems, not regions of governance, if one principal is corrupt it has a ripple effect to OTHER schools.

    The central powers that be have no idea how polluted this ecosystem has become. Like every ecosystem, the health of the system is based on environmental factors rather than certain individuals.

    POPULATIONS of species are vital to their functionality.

    In schools you have different major species like

    a. Students
    b. Teachers
    c. Administrators
    d. Peripheral Staff

    I’ve listed them in order of rank and file of importance yet the Mayor has C. Administrators, controlling B. & A. That would be like Great White Sharks in the ocean OVERCONSUMING on Dolphins and Whales. Thus, there would be no more food for them and they would die out as well, collapsing the entire system.

    We are BEYOND CRITICAL mass in this sense. Schools do NOT need administrators to function. Period. They need Great Teachers, and plenty of them to deal with huge influxes of student populations but we don’t have that. We have BAD ADMINISTRATORS who hire Poor-MEDIOCRE teachers who are LOYAL to them and who gets screwed?


    The current model of education is terrible, plain and simple.

    Feel free to disagree, maybe you work in a school that is sheltered from the widespread pollution but guess what?


    Remember, the DOE is an ecosystem, not a closed SYSTEM.

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