Charter Schools: 1 Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School: 0

The different between Charter Schools and Manhattan Center

On May 11,2014 the New York Daily News published an article about the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls. ( The school’s founder plead guilty to tax fraud and using the school’s credit card to spend $1800 during a European vacation. I sure this rings a bell for many of us who were around on June 5,2009 when Principal David Jimenez used the school’s P-card to make 6 purchases from Expedia Travel totaling $8,503.76. On June 8 2009 Principal Jimenez purchased airline tickets totalling $6,230 from Cathay Pacific Airlines. On June 8,2009 principal Jimenez spent $370 to purchased one ticket to THAILAND.

My question is why purchase just one ticket to Thailand? When it was obvious that he was traveling with five other people.

Why wasn’t Jimenez fired or brought up on charges for misappropriation of city funds?

Fact: Jimenez charged $15,103.76 on the P Card and still has a job. Meanwhile, the founder of Global Learning Institute for Girls was fired. Things that make you go mmph

Jimenez was allowed to remain principal during the two alleged sexual harassment cases meanwhile Annie Schmutz Seifullah was immediately removed because of allegations of sexual encounters in her office.
Makes me wonder if Jimenez has a friend in the upper echelon of the DOE.


2 thoughts on “Charter Schools: 1 Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School: 0

  1. In New York the Statute of limitations on official misconduct is five years from the discovery of the offense. Based on this Jimenez can be found guilty of official misconduct because he has violated the city’s charter when it comes to public employees and corruption

  2. Maybe Federal Government should the Racketeering Influence and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) look into the activities of the Association of Dominican American Supervisors and Administrators.

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