The Know Nothing party meet the Do Nothing party

The Know Nothing party meet the Do Nothing party

Time for a history lesson Mr. Albetta.
In the 1850’s the Know Nothing party was formed.This political group were primarily Protestants who were mainly Anti-Immigration and Anti-Catholic. This organization got its name because party members would response with the phrase, “I Know Nothing” when asked about party politics.

It seems Manhattan Center’s administration has created a new political party its called the Do Nothing party. The party is led by Principal David Jimenez and AP of Security Dan Albetta

Their platform looks like this:
Students are gambling in the stairway
Do Nothing

Students are dealing drugs in the building
Do Nothing

Intruders have entered the building
Do Nothing

A teacher is attacked in the building
Do Nothing

Kids are riding the elevator
Do Nothing

Teachers and staff members are talking to Mr. Silvers
Harass them unmercifully. Threaten them with letters to file and my personal favorite demand that they stop talking to him. (Hey Genius you’re suppose to be a high school principal and educational leader not a kindergartner on a play ground.)

The biggest problem with the Do Nothing party is that they Do Nothing to support the teachers of Manhattan Center instead they are a vindictive bunch of morons only concerned with their own interests and they fear anyone who doesn’t bow to their threats.


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