Jimanus and Friends and Friends

Jimanus and Friends and Friends




Its looks like a lesson in Jimanusism has taken over the New York City Department of Education. In the last three days the New York Post has printed articles about the decline of school leadership.
Principals in three schools have been accused of writing false allegations against teachers, denying a teacher the right to serve his country, and sexcapades in the principal’s office of a Queens school.
Sounds like a normal day at Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School.
In the immortal words of David Jimenez Hubba Hubba.



4 thoughts on “Jimanus and Friends and Friends

  1. So Albetta was upset in the Mike Thomas incident because he drew him as an ass. Interesting considering you’ve call him Pinocchio, Fredo and No talent. You’ve posted images calling him incompetent so how come he does attack you.

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