Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

On Monday Manhattan Center begins three days of Quality Review. Napoleon Jimenez has warned staff members that if the don’t do well they will be exile or sent to Robespierre Albetta to face the guillotine. The reality is if the quality review was truly objective Jimenez would be selling croissants somewhere in Paris. As I post this I can hear Marie Antoinette Winchester screeching let them eat cake from Costco.

(Education Lesson two: Danielson Domain 1 1a states that teachers have knowledge of pedagogy and content area. Simply stated How could a former gym teacher become an AP of Social Studies when he lacks knowledge of the content area and his knowledge of Teaching Methods is Think,Pair,Share
I’m sure this would rate high on the quality review.)

4 thoughts on “Napoleon Dynamite

  1. That is the funniest picture you have posted. Jimenez has threatened the staff with observations and write ups if the quality review tanks. His two primary targets English and Social Studies

  2. Pair and Share is what Albetta does with Jimenez’s nutsack. And what Hernandez does with Albetta’s manboobs.

    Albetta is a pea brained moron. I wouldn’t let him walk my dog let alone supervise humans…

    Dude is the biggest morale hazard in the entire DOE.

    Per-session whore who makes everyone around him miserable

  3. Quality review week is when Jimenez tells every teacher to decorate their classes and puts up artwork in the lobby. Then he kisses the visitors ass and pretends like his school is heaven on earth. He presses the custodians to make sure the school is extra clean and puts out rat traps and roach sprays one week earlier so the school looks clean. Then he pays staff members to lie or only lets the visitor talk to his cronies.

    What a mummer’s farce he runs over there…

    They should do the quality review unannounced so they see what the school is truly like.

    The city is so messed up

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