Cover up

Cover up

The attack on one of Jimenez’s cronies and a teacher at the school has caused the biggest cover up since the Watergate scandal. ( I’m exaggerating a little.) The reality is that the incident which occurred Thursday during dismissal wasn’t brought to the attention of the teachers until yesterday.

On April 17 2012 at 10:31 am
Jimenez has sent an email to the stating
Please be advised that Officer Johnson who guards Exit F that is used by school staff in the morning was called out of the by School Safety yesterday and today. Custodial Staff, School Safety and school administration have ageed to keep all exits locked if no supervision is available. THIS DECISION WAS MADE IN RESPONSE TO RECENT INTRUSIONS BY UNKNOWN INDIVIDUALS INTO THE BUILDING And The increase of violence crimes in the neighborhood.
In the future if the Exit F Entrance is locked you may use Student Cafeteria Entrance or the main Entrance of our school.
We know this is an inconvenience, but we ask that you bear with us.

A copy of this email will be posted by the time clock

Thank You
David Jimenez

The email shows that Jimenez knew two years ago that school security was undermanned and did not have enough agents, yet he chose to ignore it and underreport the number of incidents. He also failed to activate the DOE protocol for intruders in the building during the incidents he writes about in his email. (This is the same guy who used the Sandy Hook shooting in both the Mike Thomas Case and during my 3020a hearing to justify his behavior.)

The truth is the teachers at Manhattan Center should have known about the attack on Friday morning not five days later. Jimenez cares only about himself even his cronies are not protected.


2 thoughts on “Cover up

  1. Jimenez told that staff that the incident occurred outside. Maybe this explains why he was escorting teachers out of the building Friday.

  2. Did he really say “unknown individuals”. It is my understanding they know EXACTLY who the perpetrator was. WHY DOES THIS MAN KEEP LYING TO HIS STAFF?

    The incident occurred in the building and the student who struck the teacher was being harassed by the teacher incessantly before acting out in rage.

    This is not the first time a student has raged against school personnel since Albetta has been AP of Security and it won’t be the last.

    Now Jimenez is pulling a “LEAN ON ME” maneuver which is ILLEGAL. You cannot lock the doors of a building that are exits because it violates the fire department’s citywide mandates.

    While Jimenez is locking the exits imagine if a fire broke out and thousands of people could not escape because this idiotic principal locked them all in a cauldron.

    The fires at MCSM are well known (but not documented)

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