Crony KOed, The Questions.

Crony KOed The Questions.

The first question many have asked is where was school safety?

The answer is complicated.
At dismissal school safety primarily covers the street being the eyes and ears of the NYPD and a uniformed deterrent. In every school at dismissal school safety agents are posiitoned near the school and along the safety corridor ( This is the same area where Jimenez and his band of cronies harassed Mike Thomas. That usually means that administrators and Deans secured the building until after dismissal.

The DOE policy is that schools should have one security agent per door. Yet at Manhattan Center this policy is not followed because the administration under reports the number of incidents that occur every year. This means there are not enough agents to cover safety corridor and the school building during dismissal.

Why wasn’t security notified of the incident until almost thirty minutes later?

The teacher who was attacked reported the incident to another crony instead of school safety. ( I’m guessing Jimenez is the Wyatt Earp of the Department of Ed.)

Manhattan Center is a Camera school. There are cameras in the area where the attack occurred.
The question is where was Assistant Principal of Security Dan Albetta when the attack occurred?

It is common knowledge that Albetta spends most of his day in his office watching the cameras and spying on teachers.

Or is it because Albetta and the rest of the administration spent dismissal on the corner of East 116th st. Watching school safety do their jobs.

The intruder entered the building through a door without a camera,but once the intruder walked onto the first floor there are two cameras that caught his image and if Albetta was at his desk or patrolling the first floor the attack may have never occurred.

My final question is if you are a teacher or staff member at Manhattan Center how safe do you feel now?

It seems Jimenez and Albetta are attempting to cover up the incident. They are telling staff members that the incident occurred outside when in reality the incident occurred in the building. Jimenez’s inability to tell the truth (as per the arbitrator in my 3020a) is putting the entire staff at risk.

2 thoughts on “Crony KOed, The Questions.

  1. When will the administration be held accountable for the turmoil going on in this school?

    That teacher must have really been harassing that student terribly for a student to turn to violence against a teacher.

    MCSM used to be such a great school. It’s ruined now.

  2. Jimenez’s goal was to keep the incident hush hush until after the Quality Review. You’ve thrown a monkey wrench into that plan. Good Job! maybe the truth about this place will come out soon.

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