Crony KOed

Crony KOed

Its seems the talent show at Manhattan Center for Science and Math High School yesterday (4/24) was much more entertaining that anyone expected. It seems an intruder( had entered the building during dismissal and attacked one of Jimenez and Albetta’s cronies.

I’m assuming the intruder learned this behavior from the Mike Thomas incident. In Mr.Thomas’ blog ( there is a video clip of Albetta, Bradley and Hernandez surrounding Mr.Thomas in a threatening matter. (Here is an Education lesson. Teachers will often use a teaching technique called mirroring for example a teacher will read aloud in class and students often mirror that behavior.)It seems that the intruder mirrored the violent behavior that Albetta, Bradley and Hernandez showed on the video during the Mike Thomas incident.

8 thoughts on “Crony KOed

  1. The culture if that school has totally diminished to the most primordial state of human ignorance. Jimenez, Albetta, and their cronies call their enemies poison but look, they’ve gotten rid of 85% of their “perceived enemies” and the school just keeps getting worse.

    The only constant sadly is Albetta, Hernandez and Jimenez and their flock of retarded sheep, soothe sayers, yes men, cronies and pawns with no sense of morality thus cannot instill discipline or ethics in the student body.

    It’s truly pathetic what these guys have down to run that school down so fast.


    THE SECOND Jimenez, Albetta and company are gone that school will begin to heal,. if the right people are empowered to enact change for the greater good for both teachers and students.

    Pardon my language, but that school is a fucking disgrace right now.

    What a shit show they are running over there.

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