Who is running the asylum? The Sequel

Who is running the asylum? The Sequel

It seems Monday’s staff meeting was full of fireworks.

Principal David Jimenez asked staff members “How many of you like this school?” While some raised their hands others just stood there and said nothing. This infuriated Jimenez who began to verbally assault staff members and telling them things like “if you don’t like it here you can leave.” (Of course this shows Jimenez’s excellent leadership skills.) Jimenez then wanted staff members to tell him “what was wrong with this school.”

Well here goes:
Jimenez is a horrible leader he leads by emotion and not logic.

Everything to Jimenez is personal he is the classic Bully turn Victim.

He relies on cronies who play on his paranoid delusions.

Jimenez knows very little about education and he surrounds himself with people who know even less about education.

The smartest AP Jimenez has is Brian Bradley, but recently Bradley showed his true colors when a staff member had told Mr. Bradley that some of his ISS students were gambling in the hall instead of dealing with the situation Bradley responsed “who’s winning.”

Jimenez lies at will. ( At my 3020a hearing Arbitrator Lisa Brogan questioned Jimenez’s credibility.)

Hey David, you want see the real problems with Manhattan Center buy a large mirror set it up in your office Call in Albetta,Winchester, Bradley, and Hernandez and repeat the following quote “mirror mirror on the wall who is the vilest of us all.”


5 thoughts on “Who is running the asylum? The Sequel

  1. Wow it seems like you were at that staff meeting. Jimenez targeted the usually suspects, but they stood up to him this only angered him more. Jimenez is planning on observing these individuals on Friday and the day we return from break. So beware.

  2. This is the most unprofessional behavior on full display. What kind of principal verbally abuses his entire staff in public?

    The staff is the engine that does all the hard work like teaching and everything related to educating the students of the community. Jimenez has been principal for 6 years and he has turned over the staff to the point where the majority of them are either his cronies or are scared of his teacher-targeting methods. Yet, he is still unhappy with them?

    Maybe it’s because no matter how many teachers he gets rid of or brings in they all have some semblance of moral sense and realize he is just awful and incompetent as a principal and a human being.

    He should be recognizing the staff for their achievements and praising them for performing just adequately enough for him to keep his job. Instead he goes on a verbal tirade in public? This just proves how immature and evil he is.

    He should just resign. It sounds like he’s the unhappy one. It makes more sense for the leader of a dysfunctional school to either resign, transfer or leave than have 100 teachers go through that trouble.

  3. These guys could have 100% turnover every year and still have most of the staff hate them.

    Bad news travels fast. God don’t like ugly. So many people have seen these guys throw good people under the bus, even if they were his pets a few months prior.

    In the private sector, unless his department was unbelievably profitable, he would have been shitcanned long ago. This man could never have lasted in industry.

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