OSI Report Code Name Mean Face

OSI Report Code Name Mean Face

In late October 2011 I had received notification that an Offi?ce of Special Investigations (OSI) report was filed again me for corporal punishment. I contacted my chapter leader and off we went to this meeting.
As I sat with this Assistant Principal he had informed that a student had filed a complaint for corporal punishment. As I read the statement I was shocked by the complaint. It seems that I was getting coffee at the Love Cafe and some student who I never interacted with said I had a mean look on my face. (Now I never said a word to this student according to the written statement. I never had this student in class nor till this day can I tell anyone what this student looks like.)

Recently, I had FOILED all OSI reports with my name on them both substantiated and unsubstantiated (I only had two both unsubstantiated. Oddly enough the second OSI report had to do with a blog called MCSM Satire that was written by Mike Thomas and discussed in detail at http://WWW.mcsmledger.blogspot.com).

I noticed that the Mean Face complaint was filed by Dan Albetta. I was not surprised by this frivolous OSI report. Albetta and Jimenez use OSI to dirty teachers up. While the charge of corporal punishment was unsubstantiated. I was shocked that OSI would have even kicked the frivolous report back to the school.

It is at this point where my curiosity peaks because Albetta filed a frivolous report to OSI and was never reprimanded, yet if you filed a false police report you are subjected to arrest and possible jail time.

Maybe this is reason every time Albetta sees me in the street he put his head down and looks at the floor.

3 thoughts on “OSI Report Code Name Mean Face

  1. What a piece of garbage, he’s like the kid in your neighborhood that ratted you out for walking on the grass. Snitches get ….you know what.

    Look at this pathetic grown up man fake tattle tailing on colleagues. What a pathetic person. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as normal people. He’d probably screw up the job of pushing up daisys

  2. He looks down at the floor because he’s a coward. He can’t face you like a man. He’s a pu$$y a$$ bitch and he knows it. He has now heart. No balls. No brains. He’s a disease to humanity. A plague to education. A disgrace to the species. HE KNOWS IT. How he looks himself in the mirror everyday is beyond me. He should kill himself.

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