Who is running the asylum?

Who is running the asylum

” A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

It seems that Principal Jimenez has found a new way to get the students to like him. It is called the hands off approach to education. In one science class students recently destroyed some materials that a teacher had spent their hard earned money on. When the incident was reported no disciplinary action was taken.

Group of Students consistently ride the elevator without any consequences. Staff members that need the elevator must wait for the students to finish playing with the elevator or have to ride the elevator with students. When students are asked by staff members to get off the elevator students usually response with F-U ! Jimenez let’s us use the elevator.

Jimenez recently announced that students would decide the start time for school. Since 2002 Manhattan Center’s start time has been 8:17 am. Many of the students called for a 9:00am start time. During this announcement Jimenez did note that the staff voices would be heard. (In Manhattan Center that means cronies voices would be heard everyone else sorry.) Jimenez figures that this might end first period lateness. When in reality schools that start later have a biggest issue with lateness.

The top of the cake is that Jimenez has hired a new IT person. This individuals primary goal is to stop all blogs like this one. So if you are one of the lucky one to be reading this at Manhattan Center right now I’m sure Jimenez has spyware to catch you.

Way to go David its only a matter of time before you force teachers to pass students who refuse to do any work.

4 thoughts on “Who is running the asylum?

  1. For the past two years Jimenez has forced teachers to change grades and give failing students passing grades Especially in senior classes. Its all about the numbers for Jimenez

  2. Sadly, he actually does force teachers to pass failing students to keep his graduation rate high. On paper it is 89% but in reality only 70% of them are truly graduate material.

    The standard for education has diminished astronomically since Jimenez took over.

    It is a very sad story for anyone who understands what education is about.

    Jimenez is actually a fluff principal.

    Every stat he hangs his hat on is inflated, tampered with, or manipulated. It’s called stat juking. Police use it to show that violent crime is down by reporting robberies as burglaries and assaults as misdemeanors etc.

    It’s going on all over the city.

    Broken city, broken schools, broken student morale, broken academic process, broken athletics, just broken.

    Jimenez is literally the worst principal in the entire system.

    He came from the principal’s academy. He was fast tracked into his license and he has no clue what he’s doing as a principal. Unfortunately he makes up for his lack of professionalism with corruption and bureaucratic bullying and political assassinations of his enemies.

    He belongs in jail.

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