Whistleblower it worked for Jimenez

Whistleblower it worked for Jimenez

On Sunday the New York Post published two articles about principals and their bad behavior. As with David Jimenez, these Individuals (Greta Hawkins and Anissa Chamler Reilly) harass and abuse teachers and then play the victim when confronted about their behavior.
The New York City Department of Education has zero tolerance for students bullying students, but for Employees the rules are different Principals can Bully teachers, but teachers can’t defend themselves. (This is evident in my 3020a where the arbitrator noted that the mitigating circumstances was that the administration actively participate in harassment, but because I stood up to them I was guilty of insubordination with these mitigating circumstances.)

Teachers today are fearful to file complaints against principals because of retaliation they often face, but the reality is there are laws that protects whistleblowerers. Below are two links to both the federal website for whistleblower protection and the New York City Department of Investigation. Maybe it time to stand up and look corruption in the face.


Whistleblower’s protection
Protection from discrimination means that an employer cannot retaliate by taking “adverse action” against workers, such as:
◾Firing or laying off
◾Denying overtime or promotion
◾Denial of benefits
◾Failure to hire or rehire
◾Making threats
◾Reassignment affecting prospects for promotion
◾Reducing pay or hours


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