Where Shep?

Where Shep?

Watching Principal David Jimenez and Assistant Principals Daniel Albetta, Denise Winchester and Brian Bradley run a school is like watching the three stooges do slap stick comedy.
Jimenez and Albetta love to run around like the keystone cops trying to figure out who is giving me information. The funniest part of this is their own predictable behavior.

Meanwhile, Jimenez’s relationship with Denise Winchester is an I Love Lucy Affair. I can see Jimenez in his office rattling off Spanish prayers every time Denise screws up.

On the other hand the Jimenez and Bradley relationship is truly a Lost in Space saga With Jimenez as Dr. Smith and Bradley as the all American Boy Will Robinson, but I’m wondering were Will’s trusty robot was prior to the Mike Thomas Incident (http://mcsmledger.blogspot.com)
Danger Will Robinson Danger

Unfortunately the best comedy show in town is watching these four pat each other on the back as they destroy an extraordinary educational institution like Manhattan Center.
I recently ran into former teacher at Manhattan Center as we spoke about the Old Times at Manhattan Center they reminded me of my second year of teaching and about the improtu end of the year BBQ we had I remember everyone smiling faces and teachers, administration and support staff feasted on good food and good times. Today the atmosphere at Manhattan Center is one of doom and gloom. Like the sad clown smiling on the outside, but crying on the inside.


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