What really happened in room B-50

What really happened in room B-50

This morning while I was getting my coffee at the Love Cafe a student asked me if I called Mr. Albetta a “fag”. I looked at the student and asked him where did he hear this. Mr. Albetta was discussing it with another teacher in the hall. I nodded and walked away without responding.

On the afternoon of January 13, 2011 Mr.Albetta came to do another one of his gotcha observations. For some odd reason Mr. Albetta never held a formal observation conference with me as per the UFT contract. After the lesson Mr. Albetta demanded that I provide him with a lesson plan.I stated that the only copy I had was the one I keep notes on and would email him one as soon as I got upstair. Mr. Albetta began to flip out as he left the room. As Albetta was leaving Mr. Cohen had entered the room Mr. Albetta made a U turn and reentered the room in an enraged state. Mr. Albetta began to invade my personal space and I began to backpedal eventually Mr. Albetta had push me to the wall it was at that point I stated back the fuck up. I also stated that you are looking to bang me out (get me in trouble) for the littest things. Like not putting a date on a lesson plan. I called Mr. Albetta unprofessional. It was at that point Mr. Albetta stated you called me a “fag” I did not called Mr. Albetta a fag. I called him unprofessional which he is.

Mr.Jimenez noted in his testimony at my 3020a hearing that “Mr. Albetta was so distraught he was on the verge of tears and did not want to come back to work. He(Albetta)was hysterical.” (Little Dramatic Don’t you think.) The arbitrator’s offer some of her own thoughts on this incident.

1 “Jimenez’s repeated insistence that everything Silvers said to Albetta was about sex. This reached an ABSURB peak when Jimenez testifed that Silvers said in response to the disagreement they were having about the lesson plan “do you want to bang me out,” Albetta believed he was actually asking him if wanted to sex him. I find this to be a long reach to a painful interpretation, particulary since it was not the first time Albetta heard such a statement from Silvers.”

2. ” The arbitrator concluded that she disagreed with the conclusion of OEO. I find it to be nothing more than an extension of Silvers insistence that Albetta was unwilling to face their difference and was using his supervisory position over Silvers to further the argument, rather than sit down and talk about matters as Silvers wished.”

The reality is that Mr. Albetta’s unprofessionalism created a hostile situation. When I did back down or show fear Albetta put his tail between his legs and ran to papa. As with every incident at Manhattan Center Mr. Albetta ran back to Mr. Jimenez and whined about being the victim. During my 3020a hearing the only individual that seem to have an issue with Mr. Albetta’s sexuality was Mr. Jimenez.


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