On Sunday the NY Post ran an article about Principal Greta Hawkins of PS 90 in Coney Island
According to the article Hawkins had a school aide open parent’s survey envelopes and alter marks for school environment. Oddly enough, in the past two years I have filed complaints against Principal Jimenez and his handling of the surveys. Jimenez tactics are no different then Hawkins. The surveys were designed to give an honest opinion (look two words Jimenez hates) of a school functions and its environment, but when people like Hawkins and Jimenez can manipulate to serve their own interests then the surveys are useless. Bribes, intimidation and tampering should not be tolerated, most politicians would face jail time for these offense just ask Rod Blagojevich

It seems tomorrow (3/18) Jimenez is going to cancel some instructional time so that students can fill out the surveys in school. What wrong David no more bribe money


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