Scanning Jimenez

Scanning Jimenez

The mobile scanning team was at Manhattan Center today. If it is the same as last year many of the students missed first through third period in hopes of not getting their cellphones confiscated. The reality is the students at Manhattan Center have free run of the place. Jimenez and Albetta have no control. Students play cards in the stair cases and avoid class. The elevator is always packed with students and many times Jimenez and Albetta will see students on the elevator and ignore them. In one instance Jimenez was on the elevator with a group of students and never told them to get off the elevator. Here is the kicker last year staff members used a key card system to operate the elevator. This is leadership at Manhattan Center at its best if students can ride the elevator with the principal and not get in trouble how much respect are students going to have for teachers. The students have taken to chant Hickory Dickory Dock Albetta can suck a c@#$ as they walk down the hall.  Others have taken to writing  graffitti the degrades Albetta. This shows that both Jimenez and Albetta have abosolutely no respect from the students. Manhattan Center like any High School has it share of behavioral problems. Oddly enough I was once written up by APO Denise Winchester for leaving my C-6 post to return a child to class who was disrupting the educational process. This write up was tossed out during my 3020a. In 2009, a male student was allowed to curse out a female security guard and myself in the hall. (This students was suspended numerous times for beating his girlfriend in school) Jimenez refused to suspend the student for cursing out staff , but waited until the student broke a 6,000 dollar copy machine and then he told Jimenez to suck his d@#$.it was then Jimenez suspended that student.


2 thoughts on “Scanning Jimenez

  1. Interesting x-ray of Jimanus’ anus….ER, head.

    After he flopped on 116th street, he told EMT’s that his head hurt. They x-rayed his head in the hospital and found nothing inside.

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