Quality Review


April is usually the Quailty review month so I took the time and recently read the Principal Performance Observation tool that is currently being used to rate principal.


As I read through it I realized that Jimenez and Albetta should rate incompetent.
1.1 Ensure engaging, Rigorous and coherent curricula.
Last June while most of us were struggling to understand Common Core and Danielson Jimenez was off at Great Adventures riding the children ‘s rollercoaster with that stupid hat.

1.2 Develop teacher pedagogy from a coherent set of beliefs about how students learn best.
The only set of beliefs Jimenez has in the field of education is loyalty to him. Many of the untenured teachers are forced to take an oath of loyalty to Jimenez or be harassed and refused tenure.



1.3 Make strategic organizational decisions to support the school’s instructional goals and meet student learning needs.
Jimenez’s appointment of Dan Albetta to the position of A.P of Security was the worst decision Jimenez ever made. Albetta had made it known in certain circles that he was going to screw over M.S. When Jimenez appointed Albetta as the A.P of social studies it was to target certain teachers. We realized this when one teacher who was being observed purportedly gave the wrong historical information. Albetta gave the teacher a satisfactory rate for that lesson. While I was criticized by Albetta for taking three weeks to teach the U.S. Constitution and the landmark Supreme Court cases, one teacher spent three weeks teaching about a Native American Tribal chief Tecumseh and was praised by Albetta for it.(See Fredo Link below)

1.4 Maintain a culture of Mutual trust and positive attitude that supports the academic and personal growth of students and teachers.
The last thing Jimenez and Albetta are trying for is Respect and Trust its more like INTIMIDATION and FEAR. In a petition to Former superintendent Taylor-Brown teachers cited that Jimenez used classroom observations, tenure end of the year ratings teaching assignment letters to files and investigations as weapons of control or retaliations against teachers. Jimenez has gone as far threatening younger teachers who have spoken to more experience teachers. One former teacher (who i ran into during my travels through the ATR pool.)told me that Jimenez would tell them not to speak to people like Chapter Leader Bob McCue or myself. I’ll bet he’s still doing the same thing to younger teachers today. From 2007-2012 Jimenez was rated F on the school environment survey, the staff cited his lack of communication and trust.


Daniel (Fredo) Albetta strikes again


Jimenez’s issues with sexuality.


Jimenez’s has problems telling the truth.


4 thoughts on “Quality Review

  1. That image looks like a wanted poster. Mr. Silvers you are the most hated man in the history of Manhattan Center. Jimenez and Albetta religiously sit in Albetta ‘s office watching you in the morning. They constantly talk shit about you and plot ways to get you. To the teachers you are a folk hero like Billy the Kid.

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