Senior Trip 2014 Cancelled

Senior Trip 2014 Cancelled

The high school Senior Trip is a rite of passage except at Manhattan Center for Science and Math high school. Under the reign of David Jimenez the senior trip has been a career killer for many teachers who chaperoned the trip. Teachers were often written up for any incident that occurred on the trip. In 2011-12, Mr Hernandez had taken over responsibility for the senior trip that year a student nearly Overdose on PCP. The incident was swept under the rug. In 2012-13 Students that were supervised by Mr. Hernandez smuggled alcohol on the trip even after bags were searched. Once again some excellent supervision by Mr. Hernandez. This year the Senior trip was cancelled because no teacher at Manhattan Center was willing to risk their career, because of a lack of leadership by Jimenez and his cronies.


4 thoughts on “Senior Trip 2014 Cancelled

  1. Great post!

    You’d have to be nuts to chaperone, for no pay, no sleep and a target on your back.

    You didn’t even list the whoppers on your blog, probably to protect yourself and the other teachers who were written up (understandable.). I wish that the kids knew the allegations and accusations that Jimanus fabricated to get people in trouble.

  2. “But just to show you that I’m not Scrooge, please take this $.50 Teachers’ Appreciation gift bag. Make sure that you sign for it, though.”

  3. The Pinegrove Dude Ranch refuses to allow Manhattan Center back at their facilities because of a lack of supervision.

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